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Toddlers and Screen Time—A Discussion

In the current era, babies are growing up with constant exposure to screens and gadgets. While there’s nothing wrong with letting your kid use smartphones or watch TV for some time, child development and health experts constantly discuss the negative impact of too much screen time on toddlers. Parents need to figure out how to keep their kids safe by limiting their screen time.

This blog discusses the negative effects of screen time on toddlers.

Trouble Sleeping on Time

Research shows that watching TV or using gadgets before bedtime suppresses the release of melatonin, a hormone that allows us to feel sleepy. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that screen time messes up the sleep schedule of toddlers. In some cases, it even leads to major sleep-related problems like insomnia.

Aggressive Behavior

Do you know that watching violence and destruction on TV or mobile phones can lead to behavioral problems in children? According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, toddlers who view violence on screens think that it’s an acceptable reaction and are more likely to use it in different situations. Even if you put on a parental lock on devices, cartoons and games also include some form of violence.

Reduced Attention Span

Another negative impact of screen time on toddlers is that it reduces their attention span. Children need to learn how to concentrate from a young age. But if they spend too much time on gadgets, their brain won’t receive the stimulation from the external world that it needs to grow and develop concentration skills. Instead, toddlers will only learn to focus on gadgets.

Want to Decrease Screen Time for Your Toddler? Enroll Them in a Montessori Preschool

One of the best ways to decrease screen time for toddlers is to keep them busy by enrolling them in a Montessori preschool or daycare program. At Centerra Ranch Montessori School, our daycare in Katy, TX, has many healthy activities for toddlers. We teach them gross motor skills, social skills, Spanish, phonetics, book reading, music, and arts. Additionally, our Montessori school in Fulshear is now accepting enrollments and has multiple innovative activities for toddlers, which allows parents to decrease screen time to an extent.

Reach out to us for more information or decrease screen time for your toddler by enrolling them in our Montessori.

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