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3 Ways to Enhance Your Kid’s Montessori Journey

Starting Montessori school is an exciting milestone for every child and their parents. But this doesn’t mean that your job is done! Recent research by the US Department of Education shows that children perform better when their parents are actively involved in their educational journey from an early age. So parents need to take extra measures to enhance their kid’s Montessori journey, academic learning, and cognitive development.

This blog discusses how to improve the Montessori experience for your child.

Listen and Talk

Even though starting Montessori is a fun milestone that many children look forward to, beginning their new phase of life can also be scary. Many kids develop separation anxiety at the thought of spending so much time apart from their parents, which can negatively impact their Montessori journey. So parents need to handle this issue tactfully by having open conversations with children.

As a parent, you need to constantly remind your child that getting scared is natural, but they will enjoy the Montessori experience. We also recommend listening to them, validating their feelings, and spending time with them when they’re home to minimize their anxiety. This will help them feel safe and enjoy attending their Montessori program.

Encourage Them to Try New Things and Make Friends

Meeting new people and trying new activities will enhance your child’s Montessori journey like nothing else! So even if your kid is shy and reluctant to experience new things, it’s advisable to encourage them to try making friends in their Montessori classroom. Interacting with their friends will motivate them to participate in new activities, which will improve their Montessori experience.

Choose a Montessori School with Supportive Teachers

One of the best ways to ensure that your child has the time of their life in their Montessori school is to pick a Montessori facility with encouraging, supportive, and friendly teachers. The teachers are a major part of your child’s Montessori journey and will create a positive environment that will enhance your child’s Montessori experience.

Want to Improve the Montessori Experience for Your Child? Get Started with Our Montessori Preschool

Since one of the best ways to improve the Montessori experience for your child is to enroll them in a family-oriented preschool, what’s stopping you from doing so? At Centerra Ranch Montessori School, we have two branches of Montessori in Fulshear and Katy, TX. Our teachers build a friendly and encouraging environment, which is the key to improving the Montessori experience for all children. Additionally, our recently-opened branch in Fulshear, TX, is equipped with several facilities that will help your child learn better and enjoy their Montessori journey.

Get in touch with us for more information, or enroll your kid in our Montessori school ASAP, as we have limited spots left for 2023!

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