How Can You Help Your Child Improve Their Vocabulary Early On?

Child education experts agree that working on your child’s vocabulary is essential, as it impacts their future academic growth and performance. Additionally, young children with good vocabulary skills can easily meet new people and make friends, which boosts their confidence and social life.

This blog discusses vocabulary development in young children and how parents and teachers can help them improve their vocabulary from a young age.

Introduce Them to Reading

One of the best ways to boost vocabulary development in young children is to introduce them to the world of books from a young age. Parents can start by reading stories and rhymes to their children, helping them pick different words.

Additionally, when the child grows up a little, parents can ask them to read some words from children’s books. You can even have a session where you read with them. Once your child learns how to read, you can ask them to read out aloud to you.

Repeat Words Whenever Possible

Many parents and teachers make the mistake of introducing several new words to children simultaneously. Instead of expecting them to learn the entire dictionary, introduce one word at a time. Additionally, you need to repeat that word multiple times, as children need to hear a word at least 4-12 times to memorize it.

Enroll Them in a Daycare or Montessori

It’s no secret that children learn most of their vocabulary from their surroundings. Therefore, parents need to consider enrolling them in daycare or preschool facilities where they come across adults and other children. Once your child notices the adults and children around them using different words, they’re bound to learn some words and use them in daily life.

Additionally, Montessori teachers also arrange many activities to boost the vocabulary of young children.

Enroll Your Kid in Our Montessori Preschool and Witness Vocabulary Development in Your Young Children

With the help of the right Montessori school, your child can improve their vocabulary from a young age. At Centerra Ranch Montessori School, our Montessori in Katy, TX, focuses on vocabulary development in young children. Our highly qualified teachers use reading and other innovative methods to ensure that children start learning vocabulary from a young age.

Additionally, we have expanded our program for vocabulary development in young children to Fulshear, TX, by opening a new Montessori school branch.

Get in touch with us and see your child excel at vocabulary in no time.

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