Infants, Toddlers, Transition, Pre-primary and bridge to Kindergarden programs
Best Preschool in Katy Awards
NAEYC, SECA and Go Green Initiative Kid's Gardening Memberships

Best Preschool in Katy Awards

CRMS creates confident learners, entrepreneurs, and future philanthropist by providing a peaceful and inspiring environment and treating every individual with the utmost respect.


We seek to balance Academic, Physical, and Social / Emotional development to foster responsibility and cooperation within a supportive learning community.

CRMS: The Parent Perspective

Centerra Ranch Montessori School (CRMS) makes every child feel right at home. The school is incredibly diverse and teachers are very qualified.

Why choose us

At Centerra Ranch Montessori school, we see in each child the future of society and our nation. We believe the child in the process of fundamental development has unlimited possibilities and the future rests on our ability to cultivate this potential.

We work to create an environment that nurtures divergent thinking, fosters creativity, and embraces diversity. We cultivate and honor the child’s innate love of learning as they prepare for a life of purpose, integrity and academic accomplishment.

Parent Reviews

My husband and I both have always worked, so full day child care has been our need for our 2 children. We have a 6 year old second grader and a 3 year old. While needing full day care I resorted to the larger Daycare Centers to care for our children. I always felt that they were just “babysitting” my children and that to them my children were just another tuition. I felt like I was settling for the best of the worst, I just didn’t feel the education was there. The quality of the lunches and snacks were poor

Garcia Family

Our family loves Centerra Ranch Montessori School! How often in life can you say that the promises in the sales pitch were not only met but exceeded? The school promises learning in a socially and emotionally safe environment where the whole school is enthusiastic and supporting of each individual child’s interests and creativity. My daughter absolutely loves school. I love that. They have a deep and truly diverse community that is welcoming, cohesive, curious, thoughtful and respectful. This school is growing children with more than just factual knowledge they are building human beings that have depth-of-character. That is what I REALLY want

Bhakti Bavare

After deciding to move our child out of daycare several months back, we became proud Centerra Ranch Montessori School parents since its inception. Today I can say we are really pleased and enthusiastic about the educational nourishment and caring support that CRMS is bringing to our 4-year-old. Watching him grow through his early years in a diverse and motivational environment, supported by a team of well trained and dedicated teachers, has brought us confidence in the Montessori system and reassurance that this was the perfect choice for our son. We feel our son is eager to learn and return to

Sonia Roveda

When I toured Centerra Ranch, I wasn’t even planning on sending my daughter to preschool. I was simply looking around at schools to get some preliminary information. However, I was so impressed with the facility (the interior and backyard are beautiful and clean), the teachers and the administration that I ended up enrolling her. She has done wonderfully here. She is attached to me and was not so sure about me leaving her when she first started but now when I pick her up, she tells me how much fun she has at school and that she loves her teacher

Kovacs Family

I have been able to experience Centerra Ranch Montessori both as a parent and as a teacher. From both perspectives I find myself extremely satisfied. As part of the CRMS faculty my experience is that the owner Angeline Auzenne is very passionate about her school, the children, staff and the parents. And with this she is dedicated to “Centerra Ranch Montessori School”.  She is on campus daily to oversee things and to make sure that everyone is successful. As parents we tend to wonder if our child is being taken care of, and if they are receiving the love and attention they

Mrs. Lorie Romney
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