What Parents Say About Us

My husband and I both have always worked, so full day child care has been our need for our 2 children. We have a 6 year old second grader and a 3 year old. While needing full day care I resorted to the larger Daycare Centers to care for our children. I always felt that they were just “babysitting” my children and that to them my children were just another tuition. I felt like I was settling for the best of the worst, I just didn’t feel the education was there. The quality of the lunches and snacks were poor and undesirable.  I had heard about Centerra Ranch through a friend of mine who highly recommended the school. I was a little hesitant to move my 3 year old son because he doesn’t do well with new people or surroundings. My son has been at Centerra  for over 8 months now and he has flourished. He adapted well to his class thanks to Ms Paula, she went above and beyond to help my son feel accepted in his new environment. I love that the classes are small, and each child moves up when they are ready. I feel like my son is getting the best possible education here. I also love that the lunches are catered by the Good to Go company next door. I feel confident he is getting the nutrition he needs. When my 6 year old daughter finished her first grade year at elementary I enrolled her into the new Science camp at Centerra. She has been having the best time learning about science this summer. The camp is small also so there is plenty of one on one time with the camp teacher. She will definitely be back next summer. . I truly feel like the school is an extension of our family they are not the biggest, but the BEST.

Garcia Family

When our family moved to Katy in 2012 we were worried about finding a school that met our high expectations.  No matter where we looked we were always disappointed in either the curriculum, the facility, the playground- it was always something.  I knew within a matter of moments when our tour at Centerra Ranch began, that our search was over. Our daughter loves to be outside and the science deck along with the plans for the vegetable garden were very appealing.  What was even more appealing to us as a family was the planning of the food.  The fact that the children will be fed as local, organic and in season as possible was impressive.  I feel that the teachers are an extension of our family and it is apparent that our daughter does as well.  She enjoys the challenging, hands on approach offered at Centerra Ranch. Centerra Ranch Montessori School has exceeded our expectations from day one!

John and Whitnie Willis

Our son has been going to CRMS since August 2012. He absolutely loves going to school and likes his teachers. All the staff members seem to be very passionate about the children and what they teach. The school environment is extremely warm and truly encourages the kids to find their own voices and develop a love of learning. Above all the head of school who is also the owner is simply “awesome”. She is always available to teachers, parents and students. We were very impressed since the moment we met Mrs. Auzenne during the tour.  She is a very positive, enthusiastic and an affectionate person who has a vision for the school. We are blessed to have found a school which in true sense is a home away from home for our son.

Neelam and Ashok Bajaj

Our family loves Centerra Ranch Montessori School! How often in life can you say that the promises in the sales pitch were not only met but exceeded? The school promises learning in a socially and emotionally safe environment where the whole school is enthusiastic and supporting of each individual child’s interests and creativity. My daughter absolutely loves school. I love that. They have a deep and truly diverse community that is welcoming, cohesive, curious, thoughtful and respectful. This school is growing children with more than just factual knowledge they are building human beings that have depth-of-character. That is what I REALLY want for my family. She formed many wonderful friendships – with her teachers and classmates, was nurtured and valued as an individual. If you want your child to be passionate, authentic, committed, well read and educated, this is the place for you. Also would like to mention the cleanliness rules followed by the school and teachers are really nice as you will not see a child with dried runny nose, which makes me appreciate that the teachers and staff take the time to wipe kid’s faces and noses which will in turn help keep our kid’s healthy. They wipe the toys and stuff in the classrooms all the time.

My daughter started attending this school in the month of January and I have seen a difference in her personality. Love All the Teachers for their hard work J

I will recommend this school.

Bhakti Bavare

Our family was blessed to discover Centerra Ranch Montessori School in its beginning stages and enrolled our daughter, then 3, in August 2012.  We have been so completely pleased with our experience at CRMS.  Our daughter, who is the youngest of four children, has blossomed so much in thanks to her time at school and really come into her own.  It is very obvious that she is receiving manners education, and her academic gains have amazed us as well.  We feel really great about the nutrition program and high level of quality she receives in meals, and were thrilled with the field trip students took to observe a kitchen, discuss healthy and organic food choices, and make their own pizzas.  Our daughter loves every moment she spends at CRMS and is never in a hurry to leave!  More than anything, she loves her dedicated teachers, and her director, Ms. Angeline, as do we.  We couldn’t feel more strongly that she is very safe and well-cared for during her time at CRMS, nor could she be getting a more well-rounded early education.  I recommend Centerra Ranch Montessori to other families every chance I have.

Katie & Matt Murray

My daughter Megan has been attending Centerra Ranch Montesorri since October 2012. Prior to her attending Centerra Ranch she attended several other facilities, in which we had to move her for various reasons; location and times were not conducive to my work schedule and a big chain “learning academy” was just a daycare to take care of my daughter; nonetheless academics and social development was not a priority but just enrollment of kids.

I am pleased to say that I have invested 15 years in education of elementary, middle school students and currently a highschool assistant principal. I am fully aware of what students need when they enter into a public school in an elementary setting and so I have my child vested in Centerra Ranch. I am very cognizant of what Megan is doing academically and socially and I can say that I am very pleased with what I have observed from Centerra Ranch. There have been moments where I did question certain practices because in my pedagogy of study in elementary education, I was unclear of the Montessori Philosophy versus the traditional style of learning. With much discussion with Ms. Angeline, I have come to realize that they will do what is right for my daughter and her wellbeing.

I am happy to say that I have entrusted Centerra Ranch to educate and nurture my daughter to the best of their ability because as a parent,” I only want the best for her.”

Han Kang

My daughters attend Centerra Ranch Montessori School since it started in June 2012. They love going to school every day and their teachers too. The administration and teachers work together to teach the kids life lesson and values. My older one attends Ms. Niroo for Montessori academics and Ms. Gwen for Bridge Program.  Ms. Niroo is very pleasing and offers a lot of new things for the kids. Ms. Gwen is amazing with kids and includes fun factors in her daily lessons.  Kids seem happy in her class all the time.  My twins attend Ms Lorie’s class and they get the best care second to home.  They take cleanliness very seriously and never seen my kids unclean. Being a new school Ms. Angeline is always open to suggestions and ways to improve the current standards.  The entire staff members are dedicated and committed to provide quality care for kids, I have been more than happy sending my kids to this school.

Ravindran Family

We have had both of our kids at CRMS since they opened their doors and we could not be happier with our experience. Our younger child was a bit shy and reserved when she entered, but in just a couple of weeks we began to see her true personality. She is now confident and talkative to everyone and has become the ‘life of the party’. Our older child has refined his skills and we fear that he may now get bored with the curriculum in formalized kindergarten because he is progressing so very quickly. We felt lots of pressure from our neighbors to stick to the larger schools in the area, but we decided that the higher caliber of educators and smaller class sizes were the two most critical qualities of a Montessori school. Our decision of CRMS has been validated time and time again. Our children are free thinkers, interactive, and respectful to degrees that were not present when they attended other schools in the area. The teachers, administration, and especially the leadership of the school cannot be thanked enough for the growth and progress of our little ones.

Amit and Pooja Chawla

After deciding to move our child out of daycare several months back, we became proud Centerra Ranch Montessori School parents since its inception. Today I can say we are really pleased and enthusiastic about the educational nourishment and caring support that CRMS is bringing to our 4-year-old. Watching him grow through his early years in a diverse and motivational environment, supported by a team of well trained and dedicated teachers, has brought us confidence in the Montessori system and reassurance that this was the perfect choice for our son. We feel our son is eager to learn and return to school every day, and CRMS has allowed him to set his own learning pace and constantly bring home new skills that we are pleasantly surprised to see. Every aspect of his learning environment –we feel- is cared for and overseen personally by the school’s owner and head, Ms. Angeline, who strives to incorporate new advancements to the school every day and more importantly, cares for our children as her own while bringing the CRMS community closer every day.

Sonia Roveda

Centerra Ranch Montessori has been a great school for my two children. As a teacher myself, I really like how it is a modern Montessori that allows each student to feel successful and confident in their learning while preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. My son just turned 4 years old and he is thriving academically and socially. He is adding two digit numbers, reading, writing sentences while building lasting relationships. He really enjoys the Bridge Program and looks forward to the science experiments. As a parent, I love the small class sizes and family like atmosphere. The owner of the school and teachers treat all students as individuals with love and compassion. My two year old is blossoming and learning new things everyday. She is independent, confident and learning how to work with others. I love the help from the teachers as she has learned great table manners and sleeping habits. The school also serves food from Good To Go for no extra cost which is all organic and really tasty. My kids love it and it is great not having to stress over what to pack for lunch. I would highly recommend Centerra Ranch Montessori School, it is not the biggest but it is the BEST!  Rivera Family

Rivera Family - Very First Family to Enroll

When I toured Centerra Ranch, I wasn’t even planning on sending my daughter to preschool. I was simply looking around at schools to get some preliminary information. However, I was so impressed with the facility (the interior and backyard are beautiful and clean), the teachers and the administration that I ended up enrolling her. She has done wonderfully here. She is attached to me and was not so sure about me leaving her when she first started but now when I pick her up, she tells me how much fun she has at school and that she loves her teacher and her friends. Attending school has also helped her develop socially and her speech really improved. Her teacher is great both academically and emotionally. She is always attentive to my daughter’s needs and my requests. In fact, all the teachers and administrative staff are warm and attentive. I always feel welcome when I come in and more importantly so does my daughter.

Kovacs Family

I have been able to experience Centerra Ranch Montessori both as a parent and as a teacher. From both perspectives I find myself extremely satisfied.

As part of the CRMS faculty my experience is that the owner Angeline Auzenne is very passionate about her school, the children, staff and the parents. And with this she is dedicated to “Centerra Ranch Montessori School”.  She is on campus daily to oversee things and to make sure that everyone is successful. As parents we tend to wonder if our child is being taken care of, and if they are receiving the love and attention they deserve. I feel quite comfortable in saying”I have no worries about my child’s safety, comfort, and academic path”.  Mrs. Angeline Auzenne and the assistant director Mrs. Gwendolyn Blackwell make all parent and faculty concerns go away. If they are not behind the front desk, they are in a classroom giving a lesson, love, affection or positive praise to the children. They are making sure that teachers are not in need of anything and are on task with the day at hand. They are constantly straightening up and making sure their babies have an inviting atmosphere throughout the school. They are preparing meetings and trainings to educate the teachers.  They work to mentor both faculty and students towards excellence.

As a teacher and a parent, what more can you ask for. We have a great foundation, strong management and a great team of teachers who are on the same journey to do whatever it takes to teach, love and care for our students.

Mrs. Lorie Romney

Although we are new to the Centerra Ranch family, we feel as though we have been there from the start. We contemplated moving our daughter from her previous “school” because we were afraid of how she would adjust to a new teacher and friends, but after it began to feel like a playcare, we knew the time had come. At her old school, no one smiled and their demeanor was as though their job was a chore. This reflected in my daughter’s hatred for school each day. However, since moving our daughter, we have seen such a difference in her character and enthusiasm for school. She is ready to go to CRMS each morning and the evenings are filled with stories from her day. In fact, out of the blue, she sometimes tells us she wants to go to school after she has been there all day!

Academically, our daughter has advanced and we have seen her independence grow leaps and bounds. The staff at CRMS are warm, friendly and welcoming. From the fact that they greet us with our name at the front desk all the way to the smiling faces in the back, we know the employees truly love children.

Having our daughter at Centerra Ranch has provided us with a breath of fresh air as we see our vision of her education be matched by the staff. Mrs. Angeline has created a school where education is key and her high standards are evident throughout. We feel as though our daughter graduated from a daycare and now attends a real school.

The Mayes Family

Mr. and Dr. Mayes

Our daughter is three years old and has been attending CRMS since August 2012.  Our son is almost five years old and was in the program this past summer (we plan to use this school for him next summer as well).  Overall, our experience with the school, programs and staff has been quite favorable.  The facilities are always very clean and neat, and the school size is cozy and not too big to be intimidating for a small child.  The school has plenty of new books available and has a sizable number of new computers to enhance the learning for the pre-primary and bridge students.

The teachers and staff at this school are top-notch in every aspect.  They are always very friendly and greet you with a smile every time they see you.  The teachers’ qualifications are exemplary, and the school director (Angeline) does an excellent job of finding high-quality personnel who are the perfect fit for the tasks at hand.  Every one of the teachers and staff are supportive and very passionate about what they do.  Angeline has been very open and adaptable to our various needs, and is flexible in terms of what’s best for the child and parents.

The programs are also top-notch.  Our daughter is obviously learning new concepts every day and applying them at home.  The school has a music/violin class that they offer every week, and our daughter greatly enjoys it and now wants us to get a piano for her!  She is clearly getting the most out of the program.  Our son, when attending during the summer, also brings home new knowledge that he can use in the elementary school environment during the normal school year.

Overall, we are very pleased with the school, teachers and programs at CRMS.  We fully intend to keep our daughter here until she goes to kindergarten and keep our son there during the summer months.  We look forward to a lasting relationship with the CRMS family.

Mr. and Mrs. Derden

If you are looking for a private preschool with utmost human ethics then this is the place!!!
I have my youngest child enrolled in Centerra Ranch Montessori School, and my oldest attended their Summer Science Camp last summer vacation. Not only did my older one have a blast in the Summer Science Camp, but she is only interested in returning to CRMS for her future summer vacations. As a parent who has tried various day care centers for my oldest child, I can say this with utmost truth “This is by far the best school I have come across.”

We feel quite fortunate to have found this private Montessori School for our child’s early preschool needs.

Balaji Family

A place your child wants to go every morning!

We moved to Katy from Atlanta, GA about 6 months ago. We have a daughter who was 2.5 years old at the time, now 3. She LOVED her daycare in Atlanta and many tears were shed when we left. I never thought that I would feel kinship with her teachers and was convinced I would never find anything like this in Katy. So, we get here and we put in her a franchise daycare (to remain nameless.) She cried everyday and the teachers didn’t even try to pacify her. She would lay on the ground crying and kids would step on her and jump over her. Did you forget that you offer video monitoring! Their reasoning- “well she’s new, she’ll get used to.” I’m realistic but after 4 months, and many other unbelievable experiences we were done. My friend told me about Centerra Ranch Montessori. I always heard Montessori was great from family and friends. The reviews on the website were phenomenal and so I decided to take a tour. Angeline (Head of School) was extremely polite, gave a thorough tour, and answered all my questions. The one thing I love and share the most with everyone is that there is very little turnover in staff. These teachers have many, many years of experience. If you keep your staff happy, they will stay and they will perform their jobs really well. If they stay, your child will have an amazing experience. It’s just good business sense! And this holds true for CRMS. My daughter is very social and adapts really well provided she is placed in an environment where she can thrive. Sure, the first week at CRMS was tough – all new faces, new place, new routine. I saw improvement day by day and by the next month and to this day, she runs in the front door, walks into the classroom, and doesn’t take a look back. I watch her on video and she’s happy as a clam. I pick her up from school and she tells me how much she loves her teachers and that she had a great day at school. We see great improvement in her vocabulary, manners, and overall demeanor. My husband and I both work and so to know that your child is receiving the care that you yourself would give her at home if you could is the most comforting feeling in the world. I commend Angeline and her staff for being so loving and for taking the time to teach them right and wrong. Uniforms – sure, I thought it was a bit odd for such a young age but kids these days catch on quick to bling/flashy clothing and unfortunately, I’ve seen it first hand so uniforms are a great idea in my opinion. No fuss in the morning either if you have a toddler like mine who has an opinion about everything. Small classrooms – good! The teacher/student ratio is also a plus. Individual attention is given and your child isn’t a number or another tuition check. They have a name and identity. The children are treated with respect. The staff cares for them as if they are their own children. I would recommend this Montessori School any day and completely trust them to take care of my child! A+! Thanks.

Megha Shah

Quiero expresar mi mayor agradecimiento a CRMS (Centerra Ranch Montessori School) por tan bella experiencia en la educacion de  mi hija. Hace 1 año y medio tuve la oportunidad de tocar  la puerta de la familia de CRMS y fue la mejor decision que he tomado, el ambiente, las maestras especialmente Ms.Gwen (Bridge Program) , los alumnos , el programa, la directora Ms. Angeline, todos y cada uno de los components que forman este colegio son excelentes y jugaron un papel importante en el aprendizaje de mi hija que ya hoy se gradua de Pre-K. Estamos super orgullosas de su progreso y madurez.

Desde el primer dia sentí que mi hija iba a estar en buenas manos y así fue. La dedicación de las profesoras en el dia a dia fue excelente y el amor que nos brindaron a todos los miembros de nuestra familia fue especial. Por ahora es solo un hasta luego ya que regresamos para el “Spanish inmersión  after care program” en Agosto. Gracias por todo y nos vemos pronto.

Tatiana D

I am very happy with this school, and speak with some authority, as I am not merely a prospective client: I have been a Montessori parent of two kids for 2 years now, and am proud of this school, its great staff, and the level of education my children have had. My son, who graduated last year, was reading first grade books at age four.

While some reviewers seem to expect this to be just a regular day-care, accommodating exceptions and bending rules (and I truly feel for working parents–I am one myself) this is not Kids R Kids and some things are rigid to be equally fair to all.

This is school. With it come things like discipline, rules, uniforms, community, a sense of identity, friends, and more importantly, values. It is also a family run business which started small but has gone to great extent in securing the best resources-people wise-for the community it serves.

I sometimes feel Katy has fostered some who think education should come in the form of an iPad, a 60″ flat screen and 24/7 video monitoring. Then again, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

CRMS’ staff goes to great extent to ensure the best education for my children. I am very fond of CRMS’ very qualified staff: teachers who *adore* our sons and daughters (more than evident if you sat through the parent-teacher meeting).

You may like some things more than others. I visited several Montessori’s and other places before choosing CRMS, and there will always be nuances here and there: things you like a little more in one place than the other. But overall CRMS is a well rounded option, and I would choose it again any time.

But don’t take my word: look around for yourself, and ask the parents who have been long-time clients before making a decision.

Christian L.

My daughter has been attending Centerra Ranch Montessori School for 11 months now and we have had a great experience with her progression in learning, not just academically but also in behavior and mannerism.  In the 11 months that she has been attending, her practical life skills have been maintained and grown, she has started writing, and is now in the first stages of reading.

 We originally found this place because we were searching for a Montessori school that would accept our newborn son as early as possible.  Centerra Ranch Montessori School has a class and program for babies starting at 3 months old.  When we toured the school, we decided that not only did we want to enroll our son in this school but also wanted to move our daughter over to this school.

 I have read some comments on the classrooms being too small.  This should not be a high concern.  The rooms are small because the amount of students in the classrooms is smaller compared to other schools in the area.  The small classrooms and headcount were some of the top reasons that attracted us to Centerra Ranch Montessori School. The less students in the classroom the more quality attention the children are able to receive from the teachers.

 The great curriculum is another plus that we are highly satisfied with.  We have truly enjoyed seeing our daughter learn other languages, names and styles of artists, music, science, and geography at such a young age. I can say that she will be over prepared for Kindergarten.

 To anyone in search of a school for their children, I would highly recommend that you all stop and take the time to tour Centerra Ranch Montessori School.

Senaida S.

My friend told me about Centerra Ranch Montessori as I was new to Katy at the time. I always heard montessori was great from family and friends. The reviews on the website were phenomenal and so I decided to take a tour. Angeline (Head of School)  was extremely polite, gave a thorough tour, and answered all my questions. The one thing I love and  share the most with everyone is that there is very little turnover in staff. These teachers have many, many years of experience. If you keep your staff happy, they will stay and they will perform their jobs really well. If they stay, your child will have an amazing experience. It’s just good business sense!  And this holds true for CRMS. My daughter is very social and adapts really well provided she is placed in an environment where she can thrive. Sure, the first week at CRMS was tough – all new faces, new place, new routine. I saw improvement day by day and by the next month and to this day, she runs in the  front door, walks into the classroom, and doesn’t take a look back. I watch her on video and she’s happy as a clam. I pick her up from school and she tells me how much she loves her teachers and that she had a great day at school. We see great improvement in her vocabulary, manners, and overall demeanor.  My husband and I both work and so to know that your child is receiving the care that you yourself would give her at home if you could is the most comforting feeling in the world. I commend Angeline and her staff for being so loving and for taking the time to teach them right and wrong. Uniforms – sure, I thought it was a bit odd for such a young age but kids these days catch on quick to bling/flashy clothing. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it first hand so uniforms are a great idea in my opinion. No fuss in the morning either, especially if you have a toddler like mine who has an opinion about everything. Small classrooms – good! The teacher/student ratio is  also a plus. Individual attention is given and your child isn’t a number or another tuition check. They have a name and identity. The children are treated with respect. The staff cares for them as if they are their own children.  I would recommend this montessori any day and completely trust them to take care of my child! A+ !

Megha S.

Hace Aproximadamente 5 anos comenzo mi experiencia con “Centerra Ranch Montessori School (CRMS)” como Madre, siempre estuve  en la búsqueda de un lugar como este, pequeño, acogedor, único  con exelente personal  en donde mis hijos no fueran solo “clientes” sino parte de una familia extendida…CRMS fue el hogar académico de mis hijos durante casi 3 anos, felizmente se graduaron y gracias a la excelente base académica aprendida en CRMS lograron aprobar el examen de admisión en el  colegio  Catolico John Paul II.

Después de esta grata experiencia en CRMS siempre considere, a las maestras y a la Directora Ms Angeline, como parte de mi familia, siempre sentí que su preocupación por mis hijos era genuina….a tal punto que anos después decidí aplicar como profesora asistente en CRMS, Ms Angeline me abrió nuevamente las puertas de su colegio, solo que esta vez como profesora…mi satisfacción al trabajar en este colegio es absoluta, pues tengo el beneficio de constatar que este colegio trabaja bajo altos estdandares de calidad, la atención a los niños, las normas de seguridad, las precauciones en el manejo de alimentos y muchas otras cosas hacen de este colegio un lugar muy muy especial, ahora entiendo porque la sensación de hogar cada vez que llegaba a dejar a mis hijos, pues hay mucho personal trabajando “tras bastidores” para que los niños y los padres estén bien….

Centerra Ranch Montessori School   una de las mejores cosas que le ha pasado a mi familia!!!

Victoria Leon Pena

I have been employed at Centerra Ranch Montessori School since the doors opened on June 4, 2012. I truly love my job, the children, and my boss, Mrs. Angeline Auzenne. I’ve worked in childcare for more than 20 years and I can say with all honesty that I finally found the school where I truly belong. I enjoy going to work every day knowing that I work with people who share a tremendous love for our children as I do. Ms. Angeline has an unbelievable passion for her school, the children & their families. That passion carries over to her staff as well. Not only does she genuinely care for each one of us, she is a great mentor and supports our ideas and helps us put those ideas into action. She also rewards her staff in many ways by giving us concert tickets not only for us but also our family members. There have been many paid breakfasts, dinners, & monthly gift cards that are given “just because”. Every Christmas, she hosts a Christmas party where we receive an annual bonus. She supports her staff if they’re interested in returning to school by offering them a paid/tuition discount. And on top of all of those things, we now have a retirement fund which I personally have never been offered at any of the past schools where I was employed. So for myself I couldn’t ask to be in a better place because I’m employed at a school where we, including staff & children, are ALL loved beyond measures!! Therefore I am proud to be a part of the Centerra Ranch Montessori School Faculty.

Gwen Blackwell

من از ۴ جون ۲۰۱۵ در این مدرسه مشغول به کار شدم. ابتدا از محیط گرم و صمیمانه و آرام مدرسه و سپس از رفتار خانم انجلین که مالک و مدیر این موسسه هستند بسیار خوشنودم. ایشان رفتاری بسیار صمیمی و دوستانه با کارمندان خود دارند و در محیط کار بین فرهنگها و مذاهب و نژادهای گوناگون تفاوتی قایل نیستند۰ او علیرغم قلب مهربان و دوست داشتنی خود بسیار جدی عمل می کند بطوریکه مدرسه را براحتی کنترل می کندو به بچه ها عشق میورزد. او علاوه بر اینکه رییس من است دوست من نیز است

Parvin Salehi - CRMS Teacher

Our family was so fortunate to find Centerra Ranch Montessori when we began looking for a school for our son. They are 100% about quality education, child safety and first-class childcare. My son graduated from their Bridge Program then entered KISD. After two weeks, his teacher called and stated he needed to be challenged with first grade work at a minimum. He has actually been doing some 2nd grade workbooks. His teacher was impressed and wanted to know what preschool he attended. She was intrigued with the education he received at Centerra Ranch. My husband and I both work long hours so we give all the credit for his academic achievements to Centerra Ranch teachers and Ms. Angeline. The Bridge program is truly amazing and I do not think any school in Katy provides what they offer. Only downside is they usually have a waiting list for the Bridge classroom and max students is 12-15 or so. My son was beyond ready for kindergarten. The Bridge teacher is also amazing and she expects as well as get’s a lot out of her students. We love her!!

My daughter has been enrolled since she was an infant and is now in the Toddler class. She loves it! She’s excited to go to school every morning even on weekends when they are closed (lol). The Toddler teachers are amazing and really love the children. I appreciate that they are experienced, mature teachers and not high school kids or very young individuals. The owner sends me short video’s and pictures of her from time to time while in class which just brightens my day at work no matter how stressful it is.

The school is extremely clean and smells great always. Their food program is amazing and I love that it’s real; quality catered meals not applesauce and a bunch of processed stuff. We also like the small class sizes. 25-30 students in one preschool class are just too many in my opinion. We have made friends with a couple of the other parents which is nice. Their prices are very reasonable and for everything they offer, it’s a very good value in my opinion.

My family gives Centerra Ranch 5-stars because they place our children first, have high standards for child safety, top-notch in academics, tuition is reasonable, and we truly love them like family!

Josephine O

I am a mother of 3 kids who attend Centerra Ranch Montessori School since its beginning. I’ve never been in a situation to worry about my kids. Few things that I most love about this school:

  1. The student-to-teacher ratio is small and rest assured, my kids gets the attention they need
  2. The classrooms are always clean and never seen a kid with running nose or food stuck on their face or dress
  3. The school management is very understanding; reasonable and quick in resolving any issue reported which I’ve hardly had any
  4. Every teacher knows every child, so when my kids move up to another class room, they always feel comfortable
  5. Teachers are the biggest strength for the overall success of the school
  6. Bridge program is commendable

As a mother, I am happy when my kids are excited to go back to school on a Monday morning.


I had the opportunity to visit Centerra Ranch Montessori School on four occasions this summer. I was very impressed with the teachers and the size of the classes. The teachers are very capable. The classes were small in size thereby allowing children to get involved with the science shows I was providing.

I own Science Quest, a company that provides enrichment classes for children. I see children throughout the Greater Houston area and go to many (over 150) different schools. As a result, I have seen the good and bad child care services being offered. Centerra Ranch is without a doubt one of the best. I worked directly with the owner and her daughter as well as two other teachers. All were professional, caring and very good with the children. They treated me with respect and made my experience at this school excellent.

I would highly recommend Centerra Ranch Montessori School and if my children were preschool ages, I would have no reservations sending them to this school. It is a shame that all preschools aren’t like Centerra Ranch Montessori.

Jon B- Science Quest

I am so glad I chose Centerra Ranch Montessori School after looking at 4 different Montessori schools in the Katy area. My little one has gone there for almost a year now. Centerra Ranch Montessori is the Best!! It’s great and a positive environment, the teachers, and Administrative staff really do LOVE the kids. They speak it and show it. My little girl has never even come home and said she has had a bad day. She loves her teachers and is 3 years old and knows all 7 continents name and where they are located on a map. Who wouldn’t want this kind of environment for their child to be in? I am so proud that my child is a part of Centerra Ranch Montessori School.

Pricilla Carrillo

My daughter has been attending Centerra Ranch Montessori School since she was 3-months old. She will soon be turning 3 and we could not be happier with the school. The care they provide is exceptional and the teachers are all wonderful individuals. At first, we couldn’t imagine her moving from Infant because we developed such a positive and trusting relationship with the teachers. However, the Toddler and Transition teachers are equally great and my daughter really loves them too. Her speech and independent thinking development amazes me daily. I’m shocked how fast she is maturing, learning and achieving critical milestones. I like the small class sizes because the teachers are able to give more care and attention to my child. Their new outdoor play area is incredible! Ms. Angeline is wonderful and will do anything possible to help anyone in need. She’s also very easy to talk to about things regarding my child. My daughter loves giving her big hugs in the morning and afternoon. We are very happy and I can’t imagine my daughter being anywhere else but CRMS. Personally, I like their strict policy for safety and restrict visitors that do not have scheduled appointments from entering my child’s school.

I recommend Centerra Ranch Montessori to anyone looking for a high-quality preschool that will love and adore your child as well as provide exceptional care and education to them every single day. They get 5 stars from my family! Beth

Beth Torres

My daughter has been attending this school since she was a baby. She is now 3 and loves it! As a professional working with children, and an anxious mom, I am very picky about where I send my children, but I have been very pleased with CRMS. My daughter loves to go there and if I have ever had any concerns, I was able to communicate with Angeline and she was very helpful. I especially love the small class size!! All the other schools I visited had large classrooms, which concerned me that my child would not have the nurturing that her growing brain needs. I am very pleased when I walk in to see that the teacher is very affectionate and gentle with my child. It is hard working and leaving your child, and I am confident that she is in good hands.

Stephanie Legendre

Our 3.5 year old daughter has been attending Centerra Ranch Montessori School for 2 years. In those 2 years, we have been pleased with her overall development, advancement in academics and social skills. There were several moments she would catch us by surprise. To witness our daughter carry out the education she has been taught at school and to display such positive, helpful, respectful, and responsible behavior at home and with her peers, is just a small testament of what she has learned and is encouraged at CRMS. We also love that the school recognize, educate the students, and celebrate holidays of other cultures.

My daughter has loved both her teachers that she’s had from day one, as we have, Ms. Sangeetha and Ms. Krupa. We could not be any happier or relieved. Aside from the teachers being Montessori Certified, you can absolutely feel the dedication and compassion that they have for their job and the students. My daughter had no difficulties adjusting or interacting with neither her teachers nor other teachers of CRMS.

As any parent, it is extremely nerve wrecking to put your trust in complete strangers with your child/children specially being at such a young age. We did our research, read reviews, inquired with family and friends, and toured several schools. One thing all the schools had in common is the negative reviews. Having been at both sides as a seller and consumer, we know firsthand that it is almost impossible to please every customer. With Centerra Ranch Montessori School right around the corner from home, we decided to give it a try. From the Bachelor and Master Degree faculty, diversity of the staff and students, and the overall feel and experience with the school, we could not be more pleased with our decision.

Mrs. Angeline has been extremely pleasant since the initial contact. As time passed, we were able to witness the passion, dedication, and love not only that she has for her school, but most importantly her students. She is extremely protective of her students as a parent would be with their child. The students’ safety and education are her top priority and she has their best interest at heart. Others may construe her reaction to what she takes in account a sensitive matter negatively. However, we could not be more at peace to know that our daughter is safe and in the hands of trustworthy individuals. We are excited for what lies ahead for our daughter while attending CRMS. We are thrilled about the Bridge Program she will be in next year. The teacher, Mrs. Gwen, is awesome! Many thanks to Mrs. Angeline, Mr. Byron, Ms. Sara and faculty for the commitment and hard work you put forth to the school and the students. We’ve had the opportunity to grow close with the Centerra Ranch Montessori School family, that this has become my daughter’s home away from home.

Christianne and Juan Buchanan

I am so in love with Centerra Ranch Montessori School! Most of our friends know how particular I am with my daughter and the care she receives. CRMS is the most wonderful environment I could have ever imagined for her. The personal love and attention they bring to each family is beyond what any parent could ask for in a Montessori preschool. The director, Ms. Angeline, has also been my personal mentor, helping me be the best mommy possible during my daughter’s important developmental years. A simple “thank you” could never be enough to show my appreciation, so sharing my 2 years personal experience at Centerra Ranch Montessori School with other parents is indeed our pleasure.

Keron and Tricia Ali

As a small, private Montessori school, Centerra Ranch Montessori School (CRMS) makes every child feel right at home. The school is incredibly diverse and teachers are very qualified. We have been proud CRMS parents for over 2 years and all 3 of our children currently attend CRMS. When our family was faced with a challenging situation earlier this year, the Director of the school, Ms. Angeline, was extremely supportive and helped us find a solution. Over and over again, we have found the teachers and administrator to be kind, supportive, involved and caring. We hope to be CRMS parents for many years to come.

Mr. & Mrs. Ali Mohammad

My daughter has been in the Bridge class for 2 years now. I couldn’t be happier with our experiences here. She has grown so much as a student, I’m thoroughly impressed with her growth, not only as a student, but as a person as well! I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the owner and staff. This is a small, locally owned (non-franchised, non “chain”) Montessori school, the owner is readily available to enrolled parents to answer questions or concerns via text/phone call/email. Great atmosphere for students, very attentive staff!!

Natalie Sease

As of July 2017, both of our daughters are happily enrolled at Centerra Ranch Montessori School in Katy, Texas. Since we’ve been parents of the school for over 18 months, we would love to leave them a review.

Let me start with our 4 year old daughter. Last year, she was enrolled in the excellent Bridge-to-Kindergarten program. Initially, we were a little skeptical since we had already changed schools twice prior to joining CRMS. My daughter was immediately comfortable with her teachers. Over the school year, my daughter excelled in Reading, Art, Social Skills and Math. Ms. Sarah and Ms. Angeline left no stone unturned to make my daughters transition a very easy one. My daughter is enjoying all the summer activities with Ms. Sarah.

Our 2.5 year-old daughter is enrolled in the Transition class with Ms. Sangeetha. She immediately became friends with all her teachers, teacher assistants, and her classmates. She enjoys taking part in all the activities and comes home happy.

The school provides a very healthy environment for the overall development of the child.

Lastly, we want to wish CRMS the very best and we are really looking forward to seeing both our daughters continue the path of progress in the next school year.

Zaheer and Khadija Rangwala

My husband and I were very pleased with services we received at the Centerra Ranch Montessori School. Our 4 month old baby was loved and surrounded with exceptional care. Ms Angeline, the owner of the school, was very sweet, polite and always professional. The moment you walk in the school you can feel her personal touch and how she loves her students. We were amazed by the Zen Garden that she created on the back of the school. It had benches for lunches with parents, hands-on activities for sensory development, a stage for acting performances and many other cool things for children. In addition, we really liked their extracurricular programs such as music and Spanish lessons. By far, Centerra Ranch Montessori School is not just a day care, it’s a unique educational center with extra care for your little one. We were really impressed.

Yulia Merchant
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