Talking to Your Baby: How to do it and Why It’s Important

Talking to your baby is an essential element in building language and communicative skills. Talking to your child is easy; they’re always willing to express and communicate. You can talk to a baby anywhere and anytime. When adults talk to younger children, they tend to use various sounds and words. When a child hears different words, it helps them understand your language more. It does not only improve language skills, but it also aids in brain development which helps children be better at school when they grow up.

Tips for developing your child’s language skills

  • Turn off your laptop or phone and give your child your undivided attention.
  • Notice what your child responds to or seems interested in, make a comment or ask a question and give your child time to respond to you. Using natural pauses in conversation even if your child is not talking helps them learn about the ‘give and take’ in a conversation.
  • Keep it interesting; talk to your child about things that catch their interest.
  • Talk about an experience you both shared
  • Make sure you’re expressing your emotions right. Children can read how you talk to them.
  • If you use complex words, be descriptive about them to help your child understand.
  • Read your child’s books and stories from day one, if you can manage. It helps your baby know that this is the time where you both enjoy a peaceful time together.
  • Talk about pictures and think aloud, ask them how you look, ask if the dress looks good, and wonder out loud what you think about it.
  • Helping your child understand that reading books is fun. You can have a separate reading space in your house that has cuddles as part of reading time.
  • Let your child take decisions that develop confidence.
  • Sing children rhymes or songs wherever you want; it could be the bath or bedtime. Babies love the rhythm of words.

Children learn to talk by watching others communicate, which is why it’s advised to be mindful of how you communicate to others in the presence of your child.

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