Is Your Child Ready to Start Learning? Look For These Signs

Enrolling their child in school can be overwhelming for parents. Since there are mixed feelings involved, parents want to ensure their children get the best Montessori school, so they’re set up for success from the start. All these thoughts may bring you back to one question: Is my child even ready for school?

The good news is, there’s no checklist to gauge if your child is ready for pre-school. No child is sent home if they don’t know their numbers or the alphabet. Pre-school readiness is more about your child being emotionally ready to step into a learning environment. If you see the following signs, there are good chances that your child can deal with the pre-school environment.

They Don’t Have Separation Anxiety.

Separation anxiety is the most stressful part of your child’s transition to pre-school, and you aren’t alone; other parents are in the same boat worrying about how their kid will handle separation on the first day of pre-school.

You can help your child prepare by communicating how their new routine will follow and reassuring them that you’ll come back to pick them up after a fun and exciting day at pre-school where they will make new friends.

They Can Follow Directions

Preschoolers should follow one or two-step directions by their teachers to maintain decorum and avoid any issues. Being able to follow simple commands is generally a good sign that your child is ready for pre-school. Teachers don’t expect kids to follow complex instructions, but if your little one can follow basic commands, then they’ll do just fine.

They Want to Play with Other Kids

Pre-school plays a significant role in the development of social and emotional skills. Is your child exhibiting friendly behavior towards other kids and greeting people they come across? It could be a sign that your child is emotionally ready to engage with peers and makes friends in the classroom.

If your child shows these signs, then you can be confident about them adjusting to pre-school routines. If you’re planning to enroll your child Centerra Ranch Montessori School offers multiple Montessori and pre-school programs for different age groups in Katy, Texas.

You can visit the website or schedule a tour and secure your child’s future today!

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