Fixing Your Child’s Sleep Schedule in 4 Steps

Holidays and vacations are a great time to sleep in and relax. As the parent of a school-going child, you want to strike a healthy balance of sleeping in and maintaining a routine. A routine becomes even more important as you approach the end of the vacation and have to go to school.

If your child’s sleep schedule is disturbed, they’ll have trouble waking up for school and staying alert throughout the day. This is why you should always aim to fix your child’s sleep schedule before school starts. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to help your child sleep and wake up on time.

If you’re enrolling your child in a preschool, you should fix their sleep schedule ahead of time so they can easily adjust to the new routine.

1. Keep Child Active through the Day

Your child will be able to sleep well at night only if they burn enough energy through the day. This is why you need to keep them active, so they doze off easily when they lie down to sleep.

2. Make Gradual Changes

When fixing your child’s sleep schedule, you should always make gradual changes instead of radical ones. For example, wake your child up half an hour early every day and put them to sleep half an hour early as well. Keep increasing the time until your child reaches the ideal schedule.

3. Stick to a Routine

Once your child has reached the routine, you must stick to it. You should only make exceptions if you’re traveling or the child is unwell. Otherwise, your child should have the same daily routine, so their bodies become wired to sleep on time.

4. Create a Sleeping Environment

A sleep-friendly environment is also important in helping your child sleep well at night. This is why you should always ensure they have a comfortable sleeping space without any distractions and noises.

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