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How to Potty Train Your Child Before Preschool Starts

Preschool readiness is very important before you consider sending your child to preschool. This means that your child should be able to follow basic directions, be on their own, not have trouble being away from you, communicate with others, and become potty trained.

These things are doable, but parents tend to struggle the most with potty training their children. This is because some children don’t understand when they have to go to the restroom, and some have difficulty communicating that they have to at the right time.

Are you struggling with this problem as well? Here’s how you can potty train your child before preschool starts.

Get a Potty

Potty training can’t start until you get a potty for your child. You have two options: a standalone potty and a toddler-sized potty seat that goes on the toilet seat. Both work well for the child, but if you have trouble emptying and cleaning the standalone potty, you should go for the seat.

Maintain a Routine

A potty routine can go a long way in helping the child stay consistent and remember to use the toilet. This also makes their potty routine more predictable for the parent and helps them anticipate their child’s needs.

Make Your Child Understand How it Works

You must establish a connection between feeling the urge to pee and poo and using the toilet. This can easily be done through classical conditioning. Once they understand that they have to pee and poo only in the toilet, they’ll tell you when they need to go.

Get Pull-Down Diapers

Pull-down diapers, and underpants can keep your child clean and allow them to go to the washroom independently. They simply need to pull it down and sit on the toilet without asking you for any help.

Emphasize on Cleanliness

Cleanliness is also an important part of the potty training process. Teach your child the importance of being dry and cleaning themselves properly. Demonstrate the proper way to do it and let them do it independently.

Once your child is potty trained, you can consider enrolling them in a preschool. They will have a much easier time there as they can be independent and can easily avoid all bathroom accidents.

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