Importance of Cognitive Skills in Toddlers and How to Develop Them

As soon as your child is born, they start looking for ways to communicate and express themselves. Self-expression becomes better and more refined as they grow older and become more aware of the world around them. To that end, they become better at catching, processing, and organizing the information that comes their way.

This is what cognitive development is all about.

Cognitive skills are all the essential skills that your child acquires over the years to read, think, remember, reason, and focus on things around them. As a parent, you should always look for ways to develop your child’s cognitive skills to make them more self-aware and better at communicating.

Keep reading to learn about some effective ways to develop cognitive skills in your toddler.

Use Stories, Rhymes, and Sing-Alongs

Rhymes are easy to remember for children, and they provide a great opportunity for you to help them memorize through repetition. They also boost long-term memory building and encourage associations in your toddler’s mind. You can also use stories and sing-alongs for the same purpose and achieve excellent results.

Play Number and Letters Games

Toddlerhood is also a good time to get your child started academically. You can begin their academic development during this time by playing number and letter games with them. You can get alphabet and number blocks or magnets to make learning more fun. This will not only polish your child’s cognitive skills but also get them ready for preschool.

Get Organizing Games

You can speed up your child’s cognitive development by getting organizing games for them. These can be simple games where your child has to sort shapes and put them in their right place, or they can be somewhat complex puzzles. The idea is to get your child acquainted with the concept of sorting and organizing information effectively.

Establish a Routine

By the time your infant becomes a toddler, they should be able to understand simple directions and follow some set rules. This is a good time to establish a routine for them and make them do basic tasks on their own. You can start small by making your child brush their teeth at night and tying their shoelace and then eventually work your way up to more complex tasks.

Enroll in Preschool

Enrolling your child in preschool is an excellent way to develop their cognitive skills. They can do hands-on exercises in a preschool under the guidance of a trained professional instructor, and you’ll definitely see rapid cognitive development in them.

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