Why Does Parenting Style Matter When Raising Children?

The parenting style you choose can have a profound effect on the lives of your children. This is why you must tread carefully. While some people believe that being strict and rigid is the best way to raise their children, others think that being nurturing and friendly is far more effective. In this post, learn the reasons why parenting style matters when raising children and how a good Montessori school can help you find one.

Impacts Their Life

The way parents raise their children has an impact on the child’s development. Children who are raised in a more structured environment are more likely to have better organizational skills as well as do well academically. However, the tough environment could develop behavioral problems and relationship issues later in life. Children mimic what they see from their parents. If their parents are strict and maintain a distance, they could apply this approach to everything else in their life as well.

An over-controlling parent can do a lot of damage to their child’s self-esteem and sense of security. This is especially true if they have high expectations from their child and push them to succeed at everything they do. This creates anxiety for the kid if they fail to achieve those goals.

Impacts Their Happiness

Children who were raised by parents who were more involved and active in their lives tend to be happier and have a more positive outlook on life. It’s all about spending quality time with them. For example, if you spend 2 hours with them but most of the time are looking at their smartphone, then this could have an adverse effect and show your kids that you aren’t that much interested in them. On the other hand, even if you spend an hour but give them your undivided attention, they will feel more connected to you and will show more interest in the activity.

If you’re a disengaged parent, chances are that you don’t know much about what your child is doing or thinking. There are even some parents who don’t even know the name of the Montessori school their kids go to or who their friends are. If you have been guilty of these things in the past, it’s time to make amends. Head over to their school and talk to their teachers about what they think is the best parenting style for your child.

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