Top Things Every Child Should Know Before Joining a Kindergarten

According to reports, most children who enter kindergarten in the United States lack the academic information necessary for the process. Therefore, you should ensure that your child is ready for kindergarten. But how can parents find out if their child is ready for kindergarten? And more importantly, how can they prepare their children for kindergarten?

Here are some vital things every preschool daycare-going child should know before entering kindergarten.

Verbalizing What They Need

One crucial skill many children need to build before entering kindergarten is communication. Your child should be able to express their needs and wants to their parents, teachers, and other children in the classroom. This will help your child build a better relationship with their peers and teachers, enhancing their experience.

If your child has trouble communicating their needs and wants, we recommend consulting a child psychologist or having healthy conversations in front of them. Your child is more likely to follow by example, especially if you show them that discussing likes and dislikes is essential.

Writing Their Names

Do you know that most children entering Kindergarten struggle with writing their names? However, this is acceptable as every child learns at a different pace. Ideally, the name should be in English, from left to right, with a capital first letter and lowercase for the rest of the letters. But, your child, at the very least, should be able to write some form of their name, distinguishable to their teacher.

Working with Books

You might be surprised to read this but your child should know how to handle a book. And, no, we aren’t talking about reading a book! Handling a book includes holding it in the right direction, turning the pages, and noticing text and pictures.

The best way to ensure that your child can handle a book is to introduce them to books as early as possible.  

Getting Dressed

Trust us; if your kindergarten child learns to dress themselves, your life will be easier. Kindergartners should know how to put on clothes, and close the buttons and the zips.

Some childhood experts also recommend that kids learn tying shoelaces before entering kindergarten. You can try doing this, but don’t panic, as tying shoelaces can be complicated for children. Instead, you can send your child to school in shoes without laces, so they won’t trip over and fall. They can keep practicing and learning in the meantime.

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