Classroom Ideas to Teach Children with Developmental Delays

According to research, every one out of six children in the United States has some form of developmental disability. Children with developmental disabilities have some physical, emotional, or mental impairment that makes them behave differently than other children. Common examples of developmental disabilities include ADHD and autism.

However, parents and preschool daycares can join hands to help children with developmental delays. Here’s how.  

How to Make Special Accommodations for Children with Developmental Delays?

If your child has a developmental delay, we recommend discussing this with their teachers to devise a plan. Moreover, teachers can communicate with children about their likes and dislikes.

Since most children with developmental delays find it harder to focus on things, teachers should learn about techniques to help them. Setting clear boundaries in classes, avoiding shiny decorations, and preventing children from making too much noise can help children with developmental delays focus during class.

Here are some classroom ideas to teach children with developmental delays.

Use Music Therapy

Music is an incredible teaching tool for children with developmental disabilities as it activates every part of the brain. Moreover, it also motivates children to sing along, even if they’re just humming. Non-verbal children can also benefit from playing music in the classrooms as they can make sounds or move their bodies to the rhythm of the music.

Moreover, music therapy encourages children to be more comfortable with their voices and bodies. Children also remember crucial information mentioned in the songs and build their vocabulary through new words. Teachers can also motivate children to use instruments like drums or bells as they require minimal effort. Moreover, dancing can also help children who have trouble staying still for an extended time.

Bring in Art

It’s no secret that children love playing with paints and other art supplies. The same applies to children with developmental disabilities. Different art forms can help children explore their creative side, and teachers can also build better motor skills in children. You can also ask children to build a collaborative art project to help them make more friends in the classroom.

Introduce a Sensory Table in the Classrooms

One of the best ways to teach children with developmental disabilities is to bring a sensory table into the classroom. A sensory table includes various sensory options for children to explore. For instance, you can place cotton balls, kinetic sand, or even a glass of water on the table so children with developmental delays can explore new textures and get more curious.

Children with developmental delays need a friendly, home-like environment in preschools and after-school. Our Montessori preschool in Katy teachers at Centerra Ranch Montessori School include every child in the learning process through innovative teaching plans.

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