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How to Teach Your Kid Spanish from a Young Age?

According to research, learning a second language from a young age can boost a child’s brain development. Additionally, being bilingual allows children to learn better as it allows them to be creative, concentrate more, multi-task, and focus on problem-solving. Many parents choose to teach their children Spanish as a second language as it’s widely spoken and allows children to avail many opportunities later in life.

This blog discusses how to teach Spanish to your kid from a young age by enrolling them in Spanish classes.

Put on Spanish Rhymes and Cartoons

If your child loves watching rhymes and cartoons on TV or on smartphones, you can take this as an opportunity to teach your kid Spanish. Look up Spanish cartoons or animated movies online. You can also search for nursery rhymes and put them on, prompting your child to sing along with them. This will allow them to learn in a fun environment.

Ask a Spanish-Speaking Friend or Family Member to Help

If your social circle or family has a person who speaks Spanish, you can ask them to communicate with your child in Spanish. You can also request them to help you teach some basic words to your toddler. This will allow your child to use Spanish in everyday life.

Enroll Them in Spanish Classes

One of the best ways to teach your children Spanish from a young age is to enroll them in a Spanish class. Unlike other Spanish-teaching methods, classes at a Montessori or preschool will allow your child to learn in a group, which can speed up their learning process.

Additionally, teachers can regularly track the progress of their students and make necessary adjustments to help them learn better. Small-scale assessments and a reward system also make professional Spanish classes the ideal option for your kid.

Looking for the Ideal Spanish Classes for Children? Enroll Them in Our Montessori Preschool

Spanish classes for children can help your kid start from the basics and slowly make their way to advanced sentences. At Centerra Ranch Montessori School, our Montessori school in Katy starts teaching Spanish to children aged 1-2 years old. We have highly-qualified teachers in our Spanish classes for children who ensure that students learn the language in a motivating environment. Additionally, we have recently opened a new branch of Montessori in Fulshear, which also has Spanish classes in our toddler, transition, pre-primary, and bridge-to-kindergarten programs.

Get in touch with us and see your child excel at Spanish in our Montessori school.

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