Build Reading Habit in Your Children Early-On for Effective Development

Studies suggest that the amount of reading a toddler does is singularly the most vital predictor of their success later in school. This means parents play a vital role in encouraging their children to become successful and confident learners.

At the onset of learning, when your child is about to start school, your job should be to get them interested in reading. Reading and writing are basic skills, and preparing them beforehand is the right way to familiarize them with the school.

Here’s how you can build a reading habit in your child:

Read To Them

Your child will be more likely to develop a reading habit if you read them from the first month. When they’re receptive, you can begin with simple books and enunciate words as you read them. Teach them the meanings using illustrations.

This adds to their vocabulary early on, which is important in developing a reading habit.

Child Chooses Their Book

To build a reading habit, you should let your child choose their book. Ask them what they would want to read. Involve them in the selection process to pick something that piques their interest. This will make them look forward to the time spent with you.

Regular Reading Sessions

To encourage your child to read, you should create a reading routine at home. Children learn from observing their parents. Educationists advise that parents should read with their children regularly.

If it’s not possible, you should still strive to read 4–5 times a week.

Introduce New Words

You can build your child’s interest in reading by exposing them to new words. Reading books and using new words in daily conversations can develop their vocabulary and interest in learning. The more words your child knows, the better off they are at school.

Label Objects

Label objects around the house with their name. Use bold, large letters and print them on paper. For example, wall, window, door and clock. You can also label objects and characters from the book you’re reading.

Let Them Hold the Book

Children love it when they’re allowed to handle things or given some responsibility. Let them hold their baby book and skim through it. This is a surefire way to get them to read more. Add more books to their surroundings. Fill their room with reading material and books.

Familiarize with Alphabets

You can be creative and make your reading material too. Toddlers learn to identify letters and answer their names by the age of 2. They learn alphabets fast, and you can create your songs or use the existing ones to increase their interest.

Benefits of Reading

  1. Reading habits at an early age can cultivate a knack for learning among children. This eventually leads to successful academic life for your child.
  2. Reading is psychologically beneficial for children. It sparks imagination and stimulates curiosity among young children. It leads to role-play, encouraging children to be divergent thinkers and problem-solvers.
  3. Reading increases interest in writing and makes children confident in social settings.

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