3 After Pre-School Activities

Every parent knows that keeping your child entertained for lengthy periods is challenging. Children’s attention spans are typically short, making it difficult for their caregivers or parents to find something that’ll keep them engaged. If you want some time for yourself and your child to progress, having some activities planned for your child after Montessori preschool is crucial.

These activities must be carefully chosen because what they do throughout their formative years determines a large part of their intellectual and mental development. A brain workout that also cognitively stimulates the kid can significantly impact their development. As a result, it is critical that parents carefully select their children’s activities.

Sidewalk Chalk Creation

After a long day of focusing and putting their energy into studying, it’s wonderful to spend some time besides preschool and afterschool. With sidewalk chalk, you can let your child explore their creative side. You can also play games like “guess the picture.” The game is straightforward. Make a list of words that your kid is familiar with and write them on pieces of paper. The person who is drawing chooses one. Then, using only drawings, try to convince the other kids to guess the word.

This teaches children to think imaginatively to put a word into an image. It also allows them to think outside the box to develop ideas that would allow their team to guess the word.

Story Telling

You can promote creativity in your child by letting them come up with stories to tell, and you can write them down. They’ll enjoy not only getting to make up their own story but also getting your undivided attention and hearing it back whenever they want. Give your kid a prompt such as asking them to tell you about how a dragon tried to invade a palace or how an astronaut got lost in space if they need a bit of assistance getting started. They will astound you with their creativity once they have a starting point. Storytelling is beneficial because it teaches children how to conceive an idea, structure a thought, and other crucial prewriting abilities.

Lego Play

Building thing with Legos is fun and allows your child to put their ideas into motion. They can put pieces together in their way, or if they have a set like a Star Wars Millennium Falcon or Wizarding World of Harry Potter, they can figure out how each block goes together to make a particular set. Seeing these challenges through the end promotes perseverance and improves skills in fine motor development and problem-solving.

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