3 Reasons You Should Encourage Independence in Children

If you think your child is not ready to take care of themselves, and yet you’re scared of being labeled overprotective, you’re not alone. It can be challenging to strike the perfect balance between being a helicopter parent and a carefree parent, especially when your child joins Montessori school.

However, it’s important for you, as a parent, to encourage your children to be independent since it’s a crucial element of their personality development. Here are three reasons that you should encourage independence in children.

1. Children Learn Decision-Making

Indecisiveness is difficult to overcome, and its stems from not being able to make any decisions at all. In other words, if you make all your child’s decisions now, they will most likely struggle with making even easy decisions as adults.

Environments where children are allowed to make their own decisions (within reason) allow children to believe in their power to judge and push them to think over situations. High-quality pre-primary programs are designed to enhance a child’s independent decision-making skills through various interactive activities.

2. Children Become Responsible

If there’s one thing you’d want to inculcate in your child, we’re sure it’s responsibility. But responsibility can’t be learned in one go—it takes practice and experience. If we encourage independence in children, they face situations that they have to resolve themselves. The experience makes them responsible because they feel confident enough to manage their thoughts and actions themselves, step by step.

Our Bridge-to-Kindergarten program encourages children to participate in activities that enhance their independent skill-building. This prepares them to bear the responsibility of kindergarten.  

3. Children Build Self-Esteem

There’s a strong link between your child’s self-esteem and independence: learning. When you allow your child to achieve something independently, they believe they’ve learned something new all by themselves. This raises their self-esteem because previously, someone always taught or did everything for them.  

Montessori preschools are crucial arenas of self-esteem development for children because they learn to work with their peers. At this stage, developing independence in children is crucial to their self-esteem, so they learn to believe in themselves as confident individuals in the future.

You have a hand in your child’s personality development. Encouraging independence would make them confident individuals who would learn how to fend for themselves at an early age. As a trusted Montessori school in Fulshear, TX, Centerra Ranch Montessori places equal emphasis on your child’s academic and personal growth.

Contact us now for information on our affordable pre-primary program and Montessori Toddler Program in Fulshear and Katy, or read more about us here. 

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