Making Your Kid More Responsible? Try These Ideas

Being responsible takes time and experience. Teaching your children responsibility is important for their personality development, but it can be a daunting task given a child’s short attention span.

At our Montessori school in Fulshear, TX, we believe that the key to this puzzle is to put your child into action and let them experience responsibility appropriate to their level. Here are some age-appropriate chores for children that can help your child learn responsibility.

1. Cleaning Up After Themselves

Children need to learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves from an early age. Add a daily chore to their routine, like putting their plate in the kitchen after dinner, to teach them that they shouldn’t expect anyone else to clean after them when they grow up.

As a parent, be careful not to impose work on your child and rather make it seem like a habit. Toddlers are known to imitate adults; a good way to make them learn is to allow them to do an activity with you while you do it. Soon, you will find your child picking up on the chore as a natural behavior.

2. Don’t Leave The Toys Out

Children have a special bond with their toys because they’re things that they own exclusively. A good practice that can teach your child responsibility is asking them to put their toys back after they’re done playing.

One way of implementing this is to place a toy box in their room and assign a specific ‘clean up’ time when they would clear the mess as a fun activity. Remember to reward them with some positive reinforcement when they’re done, even if it’s just a hug!

At Centerra Ranch Montessori school, children’s personality development and academics are both prioritized during all activities. For example, children are taught to put away their toys after playtime and wash their hands before meals.

3. Making Their Bed

Habit-building and responsibility begin the moment you wake up. It’s a good practice to teach children too. Making their beds would probably be one of the more challenging tasks your little one would face at their age, but it is an age appropriate chore for children because it teaches them how to start their day.    

Like getting ready for preschool, morning chores will soon become a part of your child’s morning routine and won’t feel like an extra task.

It takes patience, creativity, and love to teach responsibility to your child. Age appropriate chores for children achieve the goal and, in the process, make them more confident and independent. High quality preschool programs aid children in learning age-appropriate chores side by side with their academic education.

Our family-oriented preschool helps make your child a confident and responsible individual and lets their inner talent shine with our pre-primary programs in Fulshear, TX. For information on our pre-school programs, admissions, and campuses, contact us here.    

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