Important Table Manners to Teach Your Child

As a parent, you should always try to teach your kids manners that can help them be kind and respectful toward others. Teaching manners starts as soon as your child becomes perceptive and aware of things around them. It is an ongoing process, and you will get the best results when you also start modeling good behavior.

Before your child starts the academic phase of their lives, you should try to teach them basic manners, so they know how to conduct themselves in public. Once they join preschool, they will be on their own, and these lessons will definitely come in handy at that time. To prepare your child for preschool, you should start by teaching them table manners.

Keep reading to learn about all the important table manners you can teach your child so they can be comfortable around others at school.

Sit Properly

Start by teaching your child how to sit properly at the dining table. Here are some things they should keep in mind when getting seated:

  • Pull the chair out gently.
  • Sit straight on the seat.
  • Keep elbows off the table.
  • Put a napkin on the lap.
  • Don’t mess with the table setting.

Start Eating at the Right Time

When having dinner with others, you should teach your child to start eating only when the guest has also started eating. This is because eating before guests is considered impolite and rude. On regular days, they should start eating whenever they get the cue to start.

Be Mindful

When your child is sharing the dining space with others, they should always be mindful of the other people. Here are some things they can do to be careful and courteous:

  • Don’t chew loudly.
  • Chew with their mouth closed.
  • Ask the other person to pass the food instead of leaning across the table and reaching for it.
  • Try to involve everyone in the conversation instead of talking to just one person.

The right time to teach your child all these manners is when you’ve decided to send them to preschool. These table manners will prepare them to be in public spaces independently while being courteous towards others around them.

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