How to Stop Toddlers from Fighting Other Kids in Daycare?

Although aggression in children is common, it’s not a normal behavior. So parents and teachers need to take preventative measures to stop children from picking fights in the daycare environment. Constant fights in the daycare environment can stop children from having fun or learning in a positive environment.

This blog discusses how to build a positive daycare environment by stopping toddlers from fighting with each other.

Show Them That Fighting Will Have Consequences

While daycare teachers and parents need to be friendly and encouraging toward children, it’s also essential to discipline them when needed. One of the best ways to stop a kid from fighting with other children is to give them a positive punishment. For instance, teachers can add a black star to the child’s name on the classroom sheet.

On the other hand, parents can take away a toy for a limited time if their child decides to fight with other children. You can opt for positive reinforcement if you don’t want to punish children. Instead of punishing them for fighting other kids, you can reward them for not picking up fights and getting along with other children in the daycare.

Communicate to Children Clearly

One of the biggest mistakes many parents and teachers make is expecting children to know that fighting is bad behavior without telling them. You need to sit down with children and explain why fighting is bad behavior and something they shouldn’t be doing.

Tackle Any Underlying Problems

In many cases, children that pick fights with other kids or two children fighting with each other have some underlying issue behind it. Both parents and daycare teachers should ask kids why they’re acting aggressively. Help children understand their emotions and find a better way for them to express them.

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