How to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

There has been a lot of debate about screen time and whether it’s suitable for your children before they reach a certain age. Generally, screen time is highly discouraged by pediatricians before the child is at least 18 to 24 months old. Even after that, screen time should be regulated and carefully managed.

Once the child is two years old, you can start introducing digital media to them. When they become used to screens, you should start managing their screen time and go the extra mile to ensure they don’t become addicted to them.

Here’s how you can do it.

Don’t Associate Screen Time with Anything Else

The one thing you should never do is associate screen time with another task. Don’t let them do their homework or eat in front of the TV. This way, your child will know that the screen time is dedicated, and they won’t ask for it while doing other things.

Maintain Distance from the Screen

As a rule, you should always try to get your children started on big screens. This means that handheld devices are entirely off the table. You can put on age-appropriate content on a TV or computer screen and place the screen at a distance while ensuring that your child doesn’t get too close to it.

Use High-Quality Videos

It’s always a good idea to use high-quality and high-definition videos for children. These videos can easily be seen from a distance and will not strain your child’s eye while enhancing their experience.

Break Down the Screen Time

Finally, you should consider breaking down the screen time. While the total screen time should be limited to a maximum of two hours every day, you can also split up this time. This will keep your child from getting screen fatigue, and you can use short screen time to reward your child.

If your child is getting too much screen time because they’re at home all the time, you should consider enrolling them in a preschool. This will help them become more active and social.

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