How to Help Your Shy Child Become More Social

Do you have a child who enjoys learning at Montessori preschool but is quiet and has difficulty establishing bonds with people and friends? It might be possible that you’re dealing with a shy child. Shy babies and toddlers are at risk of developing anxiety, but that’s only the case if a guardian or parent isn’t playing an active role in the child’s life.   

A shy kid sometimes becomes a source of concern for parents. As a parent, you should know that shyness is a trait, not a personality disorder. The majority of the people associate shyness among kids with a negative self-image and low self-esteem. But that isn’t the case; some children are inherently reserved and mild-mannered while others are social and outgoing. Here’s how you can help your child become more social in the proper manner.  

Get To the Source

Determine the source of your child’s shyness to assist them in overcoming it. An underlying problem such as a nonverbal learning deficit could be the reason behind their shyness. Trouble forming bonds and nervousness in talking to other people are two more factors. Knowing the elements that contribute to your child’s shyness will help you determine the best route to take in helping them socialize.

Be a Role Model

Children are highly receptive and often mimic adults. If your kids see you as shy, they’re more likely to be shy themselves. It’s time to get over your shyness so you can pave the path for your little one to be more confident in their preschool and afterschool. When you ask the restaurant manager how long it’ll take for you to be seated, you can set an example by assertively asking that question. Demonstrate that you’re comfortable conversing with others and that you can accept compliments. When you notice someone who needs help, you should attempt to assist them. Your children will conquer their shyness if they see you act as a role model.

Don’t Coddle Them

While shyness is natural and unavoidable, there are some ways that can help your child overcome this in no time. Parents should avoid pandering to their shy children and shielding them from difficult situations. Don’t fold if your toddler refuses to join the other children in their first dance lesson. If you dismiss this and listen to their every demand, it’ll send a message that your child has a right to be scared when in reality, a little positive nudge would’ve developed into a better situation. It also prevents your child from developing the skills they need to tackle their concerns. Shy kids usually fare worse if they have overbearing parents.

Shyness can be overcome both by the parent’s guidance and with the help of competent teachers at Montessori schools. Centerra Ranch Montessori School is a family oriented Montessori school that helps children overcome their fears and become great leaders. Contact us and enroll your children in one of the best Montessori Preschools in Katy, TX.

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