Following a Child’s Interest the Montessori Way

The basic principle of the Montessori Method centers on following the child and allowing them to learn by exploring their own interests.

Children’s curiosity interests them in learning about different skills and concepts at different points in their development stage. According to the Montessori Method, interfering with it will hinder their learning process. As such, the only interference permitted is when the teachers and parents create a safe environment for the child or give them toys to play with.

The Montessori Method also dictates that when children are guided in the pursuit of their own interests, it helps them grow up to become self-confident people who absorb knowledge from their surroundings.

This is why the Centerra Ranch Montessori School believes in following the child’s interest so children can teach themselves with the right tools.

Here are a few ways to follow your child’s interest.

Make Toys Easy To Reach

Start by surrounding your child with age-appropriate items that are displayed in attractive and accessible settings. For instance, keeping toys and puzzles on a lower shelf so your child can reach them easily will help them with their learning.

Keep the Learning Environment Dynamic

It’s important to understand that you don’t need to teach your child everything at once. It can become quickly overwhelming for the child if they’re bombarded with a lot of activities—which eventually makes them lose interest altogether.  

Keep the learning environment dynamic and evolving. If a particular activity interests the child, try to introduce new elements into the same activity.

Engage All Senses For Sensory Development

Try to include learning experiences that engage your child’s senses—sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound.

Incorporating photographs, art, reading, and sound into learning activities can help the child complete complex tasks and develop problem-solving skills. It also leads to cognitive growth.

Don’t Seek Approval Online

With most parents continually boasting about their children’s progress on social media, some may feel that their children aren’t doing enough. However, this is a dangerous thought as it can cause you to project your own insecurities onto the child.

You must understand that children’s learning environments shouldn’t be driven by a desire to publish online, and every child’s progress is different.

Centerra Ranch Montessori School is an award-winning Montessori school based in Katy, TX that uses the Montessori Method to create an environment for their child that’s conducive to their social, emotional, and academic development.

We pride ourselves on creating a peaceful, inspiring, and safe space in our fully-equipped classrooms. Our teachers also help children learn cooperation, responsibility, and respect.

Connect with us online or call us at 281-693-CRMS (2767) for more information.

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