5 Things Every Parent Should Include in Playtime

Playtime is an essential element in your child’s physical, mental and social development. It helps children communicate and develop their creative abilities. Although playtimes are fun, they can also help you understand their talents and interests.

Benefits of Playtime

  • It helps your child learn how to react and respond to positive and negative emotions during their engagement with other kids.
  • It teaches children how to lead, take turns, and share by playing a simple game like building blocks.
  • It teaches your child critical skills such as negotiating with other kids, especially during an unstructured playtime where children make their own rules, not adults.
  • It encourages your child to get creative and use their imagination.

Six things every parent should include in playtime

1. Water Play

Water play allows your child to play in a safe environment and experiment with basic concepts such as volume. It is also great for coordination and strength if your child has a playtime partner.

2. Sand Play

Sand play helps your child develop self-confidence and lays the foundation of scientific learning. When they pour, dig, and scoop, it teaches children how things work, also helps in muscle building and coordination. Team-up your child with their buddy and sand play will aid in learning social skills, sharing and teamwork.

3. Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination. It allows them to develop self-expression and learn about colors.

4. Music, Singing, and Dance

Music and singing play a key role in developing your child’s language. Children’s songs and poems can turn to learn into playtime. It can teach your kids basic mathematical concepts, such as counting. Music helps your child to develop rhythm, and songs improve their listening skills. Furthermore, Dancing improves flexibility, develops strength and coordination.

5. Swinging, Jumping, Climbing and Running

Encouraging them with age-friendly challenges in a safe environment improves their confidence and risk-taking ability, not to mention an improvement in their motor skills.

As your child grows, you should ensure they receive early education that incorporates play practices as a part of their education for healthy development.

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