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Why Do Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature?

Owing to technology, children of this generation spend more time indoors than playing outside. On average, most children spend 30-40 minutes per day outside and more than a third of the day using a device. This puts them at a greater risk of developing anxiety and stress.

At Centerra Ranch Montessori School, our Montessori preschool instructors believe that spending time outside is not only fun; it is also vital. Many experts believe that children who play outside are happier, more attentive, and less worried than children who spend more time indoors. It is necessary for children to spend quality time outside in the lap of Mother Nature than sitting in front of a screen all day. Here’s why:

Boosts Confidence

The way children play in nature is less structured than most sorts of indoor play. Indoor play does not positively affect confidence since children are not exposed to the outside world. Allowing your children to roam freely in nature will place them in circumstances where they will engage with natural environments. There are limitless ways to interact with outside habitats, from the backyard to the park to the nearby hiking path or lake. Such a lovely and limitless playground promotes confidence in your child to play as they deem fit.

Stimulates Creativity and Imagination

This type of unstructured play also helps children to engage meaningfully with their environment. They have greater freedom to thought, plan their activities, and approach the world in novel ways. This aids in the development of their imagination and creativity.

Improves Physical Health

According to experts, children should play outside for at least three hours every day since exposure to sunshine helps develop a robust immune system. Nature is a healer itself. A simple walk or stroll is enough to keep a youngster fit and active. Physical activities not only help adolescents grow healthy and strong, but they also improve their concentration since they observe objects as they move.

Encourages the Development of an Analytical Brain

Nature provides children with a sense of awe that no other environment can. Natural events that occur in backyards and parks daily prompt children to inquire about the planet and the life that it sustains. Children ponder, question, and interpret in nature, which helps them develop analytical brains.

Reduces Stress and Fatigue

In natural settings, we exercise an effortless style of concentration called soft fascination, which produces sensations of pleasure rather than tiredness. Nature is a healer and a soother. Children who engage themselves in natural surroundings tend to have less stress and fatigue in general.

Environmental Awareness

Contact with nature is an essential component of early childhood education. The best way to allow youngsters to grow and learn is to open the door and let them experience the wonders of the green natural world. This raises individuals with a profound love for the environment, and such individuals will always look after their environment at all costs

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