The Montessori Approach to Reading and Writing

The Montessori approach to education is child-centric, with plenty of emphasis on reading and writing to build a strong academic foundation for the child.

Whether through a conversation or language games, young children are encouraged to learn vocabulary through reading and writing in Montessori classrooms.

The Montessori educational approach thinks of writing as thoughts of the children and reading as skills to interpret the thoughts of others.

Writing and Reading as a Developmental Process for Children

A child’s babbling signifies development toward oral language and their scribbling is their first step toward writing.

In the Montessori schooling system, children around the ages of 3 or 3.5 years are only introduced to a few letters at a time until they’ve mastered all the alphabets. This is often done through a fun and playful activity.

For instance, a child is asked to draw letters on the sand so they can trace the sound and pronunciation as they write. This approach helps the child learn through touch, where the shapes of the letters and numbers become part of their muscular memory.

Focusing On the Sound

An essential part of reading and writing comes from the sound.

When a child gets good at noticing the first sound of a word and can articulate the sound well, they can then easily associated the sound to the letter or number.

This is also done through games and class-based activities where the children participate together and have fun while learning.

The Role of the Teacher

The teacher facilitates a child by helping them self-correct.

According to the Montessori approach, if a child can correct their own mistakes, the learning process becomes far more rewarding and meaningful—and also helps the child become confident, self-assured, and independent.

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