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The Benefits Of Music In Montessori Classrooms: A Study

Montessori schooling is becoming increasingly popular among parents and educators alike. This method focuses on hands-on, practical learning based on the child’s ability to explore and understand the things around them.

And while most Montessori schools aim to have a holistic curriculum covering most aspects of child development, auditory development and exposure to music are still limited in most of these curricula.

Countless studies have highlighted the significance of auditory stimulation for young children, but the one by Diana Dansereau and Brooke Wyman has gained popularity. Their research highlights the discrimination auditory senses are met with compared to visual sensory materials in most Montessori settings.

The Equipment Used For The Research

The study was conducted over two years, divided into six cycles. The researchers used different types of material for five kinds of variations.

The children were presented with these materials once, and then they were placed on an accessible shelf for independent use.

The Research Findings

Over time, the researchers saw an overwhelming response to the auditory material. Children interacted with these materials regularly and used it with a deeper concentration as compared to other activities. Although the activity required them to separate from the class and concentrate on a single thing, the children willingly did so, and with enthusiasm.

The data’s overall findings were positive and pointed out the importance of incorporating music into the school curricula. Listening to music helped children improve their focus and memory while building their confidence and deepening their ability to concentrate for more extended periods.

The Benefits Of Listening To Music In Children

While this research has shown definite links between children’s cognitive development and music, many other studies have proven the positive impacts of listening to music on children. There is a long list of benefits associated with audio-stimulation for children, and some of them are:

  1. Improved verbal communication skills
  2. Enhanced brain development
  3. Boosts readings skills
  4. Deepens their concentration
  5. Adds to their ability of non-verbal expression

Playing music, as opposed to simply listening to it, also has significant benefits for children. Research has shown young children who take music classes have improved spatial skills and become better at solving puzzles etc.

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