Garcia Family

My husband and I both have always worked, so full day child care has been our need for our 2 children. We have a 6 year old second grader and a 3 year old. While needing full day care I resorted to the larger Daycare Centers to care for our children. I always felt that they were just “babysitting” my children and that to them my children were just another tuition. I felt like I was settling for the best of the worst, I just didn’t feel the education was there. The quality of the lunches and snacks were poor and undesirable.  I had heard about Centerra Ranch through a friend of mine who highly recommended the school. I was a little hesitant to move my 3 year old son because he doesn’t do well with new people or surroundings. My son has been at Centerra  for over 8 months now and he has flourished. He adapted well to his class thanks to Ms Paula, she went above and beyond to help my son feel accepted in his new environment. I love that the classes are small, and each child moves up when they are ready. I feel like my son is getting the best possible education here. I also love that the lunches are catered by the Good to Go company next door. I feel confident he is getting the nutrition he needs. When my 6 year old daughter finished her first grade year at elementary I enrolled her into the new Science camp at Centerra. She has been having the best time learning about science this summer. The camp is small also so there is plenty of one on one time with the camp teacher. She will definitely be back next summer. . I truly feel like the school is an extension of our family they are not the biggest, but the BEST.


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