Bhakti Bavare

Our family loves Centerra Ranch Montessori School! How often in life can you say that the promises in the sales pitch were not only met but exceeded? The school promises learning in a socially and emotionally safe environment where the whole school is enthusiastic and supporting of each individual child’s interests and creativity. My daughter absolutely loves school. I love that. They have a deep and truly diverse community that is welcoming, cohesive, curious, thoughtful and respectful. This school is growing children with more than just factual knowledge they are building human beings that have depth-of-character. That is what I REALLY want for my family. She formed many wonderful friendships – with her teachers and classmates, was nurtured and valued as an individual. If you want your child to be passionate, authentic, committed, well read and educated, this is the place for you. Also would like to mention the cleanliness rules followed by the school and teachers are really nice as you will not see a child with dried runny nose, which makes me appreciate that the teachers and staff take the time to wipe kid’s faces and noses which will in turn help keep our kid’s healthy. They wipe the toys and stuff in the classrooms all the time.

My daughter started attending this school in the month of January and I have seen a difference in her personality. Love All the Teachers for their hard work J

I will recommend this school.

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