Montessori Education: How It Cultivates Your Child’s Creativity

Thanks to the latest developments in artificial intelligence and technology, our education systems’ flexibility have profoundly improved. Montessori centers no longer rely on just summer camps and after-school activities to foster creativity. According to Forbes, Montessori education is now using a holistic blend of artwork, music, poetry, and robotics to promote creative thinking. 

Other than the use of AI, here are some other aspects of creative training at Montessori schools:

Montessori Material

Art and craft is a fundamental component of Montessori education. The teachers use a wide array of sensory-based learning tools to give the child a hands-on experience and build on abstract concepts. Through such activities, the child can control their errors and develop astute observation. 

The Montessori classrooms are also a very visually appealing space. The art material and activities are designed to build on the child’s sense of curiosity and concentration. The teachers give them the freedom to figure out how to make a tall tower from a series of wooden boxes. They use their imagination and experiment on their own. This also gives the child a more profound sense of self and improves their cognitive processes.

Montessori Curriculum

As discussed above, art is a vital subject of every Montessori curriculum. By letting the child explore art, the teacher helps them understand how things work or look like in real life.

The curriculum allows the children to use art as a medium to express themselves. They look around and see what their peers are doing, how they’re using their paintbrushes, and how they’re cleaning the work mat. Being surrounded by a group of children who are all working on similar tasks inspires an artistic vision. Rather than formal art lectures, the Montessori curriculum allows the children to play with their imagination freely and generate their ideas. 

When a child paints a small wooden hut with mountains overshadowing it, they learn about how nature works. By painting green leaves, they develop a strong sense of colors and how they exist around us. 

Creativity through Music

Preschoolers also determine their imagination through musical activity. Music energizes learning activity, facilitates a multi-faceted learning experience, and enriches imagination. A three or four-year-old is not used to the idea of studying for long hours. Music adds an element of fun to the process and makes it easier for them to remain focused. It influences the child’s mood and increases their creative attention span. Music is also an essential expressive outlet that results in an unexpected and unstructured flow of creativity.

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