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How To Respond To Bullying – A Guide For Parents

Bullying isn’t something that only middle-schoolers face. Its foundation was laid down years ago, mostly during preschool. A bully can turn something as simple as catching a bus, eating peacefully during recess, or going on swings in the playground into a nightmare for your kid.

As a parent, you need to be vigilant and act quickly when you spot a bully. It’s essential that you equip your child with skills that can help them appropriately respond to the bully.

Our Montessori preschool experts have developed a comprehensive guide to help you get started on the subject.

Recognize The Bully

Kids often come up with complaints such as tummy ache or fever to escape going to preschool. Although these are sometimes just excuses to stay behind and watch cartoons all day, there are situations where you need to probe your child about the real reason.

Bullying comes in many forms, from physical to verbal to emotional. Each of these can leave a detrimental scar on your child’s well-being in the long term. But most kids cannot identify the bullying themselves, so instead of asking direct questions, you need to inquire more about their surroundings and friends.

For example, you can ask them about their recess routine, who they sit with, or who they pair up with during a project in the classroom.

It’s important that your child feels secure enough to communicate directly with you whenever they feel like they’re in trouble.

Have A Plan In Place

After recognizing the bully, you need to validate to your child that the bullying is never their fault. It’s mostly a reflection of another person’s feelings.

After that, you can create a list of appropriate responses that your child can say to the bully. Remember not to add anything insulting because that’ll only aggravate the bully into becoming more aggressive.

Role-Play Scenarios

Role-play is an amazing way to instill confidence in your child and empower them. You can role-play different scenarios where you play the role of a bully. This way, your child can practice the appropriate responses on you. This also assures them that they can overcome anything.

Teach Them The Right Reaction

Children need to remember that most bullies lack self-control, and they’ve got a desire to hurt others. It’s important that you promote self-worth and confidence in your child.

You can encourage your child to project their confidence on their bully just as the bully’s trying to project negative emotions. Humor is also a great way to disarm the bully.

Remember to reiterate the fact with your child that they need to treat everyone with kindness. It’s the only thing that the world needs more of.

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