Here’s How You Can Help Aid Your Child’s Development at Home

Child development is mostly linked to your children’s physical growth. However, early child development includes changes in your child’s emotional, social, behavioral, communication, and thinking skills as well. All these aspects of development are interlinked, and each influences the others equally.

The first five years are crucial because a child’s brain develops faster in the first five years than at other times in their lives.

Here’s how you can help aid your child’s development at home:


Toddlers observe and understand the world around them by taste, touch, and smell. Use a black marker and trace a number or alphabets on a poster paper, then have your toddler use textured items to decorate the letter using cotton balls, sandpaper, pasta, or beans. If you’re teaching your toddler how to write, have your child trace the alphabet and numbers with their fingers before grasping a writing utensil. Saying the numbers or alphabets aloud while your child runs his fingers over them helps them memorize faster.

Organization Skills

Keeping your home organized helps build your child’s helping spirit. Try to label drawers and bins where you keep things accordingly and play a guessing game with your child to keep the process fun. Asking your child where a specific item belongs helps them remember where their toys belong and reverse the game by placing things in wrong places, for example, placing his toy in the fridge, letting your child correct your ‘mistakes’. These sorts of tasks help teach the children about responsibilities and being a part of a family.

Measuring Skills

Using everyday household items, teach your children to measure things. Although a ruler is the most common measuring tool, you can make this game interesting for your child by experimenting with seasons, months, or times of the year. Have your child lie down on the grass and then ask him to use apples and measure how many apples tall he is or how many “plastic boxes wide” the refrigerator is.

Put Up Pictures of Friends and Family

Pinup pictures of family and friends on a soft board to help improve their memory and word association. Write the names of each person on sticky notes and place them at the bottom of each photo. Remember to refer to those words at family gatherings to make your child familiar. You can read them stories that include family members such as ‘uncle’ ‘cousin’ or ‘aunt and ask your child to identify each family member mentioned.

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