Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Infant and Toddlers

Whether your baby is halfway through their first year of life or their second, there’s no denying that they experience a whirlwind of physical, mental, social, and emotional changes during this period in their lives. As your child progresses into toddlerhood and learns to crawl, cruise, and walk around their environment, they’ll be interacting with several things to satisfy their curiosity. One of the primary activities that characterize this period is play.

Connecting with your baby through play is crucial for their brain’s development. Without love, touch, time, and attention, you will be depriving your child of their essential and natural developmental activities. Parent-child interaction underscores this period of their growth.

In this piece, we provide a list of fun playtime activities you can engage in with your baby to encourage their growth. Take a look!


What You’ll Need: Blanket, small toys or books

How to Play: Place a small toy or book under a blanket, making sure to leave a bit of it showing. Ask and gesture to your baby, “Where is it?”. Encourage them to look for it. Your baby will try to hold it and look for it under the blanket.

Once your baby has learned to find the partly hidden toy, start hiding it under the blanket completely.

Peekaboo will help your baby develop their fine motor skills and object permanence.


What You’ll Need: Blocks or plastic measuring cups

How to Play: Take turns stacking the objects on each other and knocking them down. Make it a competition and do it together. First to stack and knock down wins.

Stacking will help your child develop their fine motor skills and learn cause and effect.


What You’ll Need: Children’s picture books

What to Do: You should make it a habit to read to your baby regularly. Read in an animated voice and point to the pictures as you read. Make sure to change voices as you switch between characters. Engage your baby by encouraging them to act surprised by the story or laugh when something funny happens.

By reading, your child will develop their listening and language skills.

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