Do Toddlers Need Daycare?

Unlike infants, toddlers are more energetic and need many activities to keep them engaged. Therefore, many parents consider enrolling them in a daycare in Katy, TX. However, do children aged 1-3 need to attend daycare, or can they just stay at home with their parents? If you think the latter is better, you might have to think again, as attending daycare is vital for most toddlers.

Here’s why your toddlers need daycare.

Socializing with Other Children

At the age of 1, your child is ready to socialize with other children and make friends. However, every parent can’t take their child to nearby parks or arrange playdates, leaving daycare centers as the best and only option. You might argue that a child can make friends later in life, but scientific research emphasizes the importance of early childhood socialization.

Through socializing, your child will learn the concepts of empathy, teamwork, and sharing. In addition, they will have lots of fun, and your toddler will make some amazing memories playing with other kids of the same age.

Participating in Stimulating Activities

As discussed above, at the age of 1, your child is ready to run around all day long! We understand that working parents or even stay-at-home parents can’t keep a toddler engaged all day long. Therefore, many parents introduce their children to gadgets to keep them busy. However, using gadgets excessively can negatively impact a child’s cognitive development.

On the other hand, enrolling your toddler in daycare will allow them to participate in many stimulating activities. They can listen to stories, do crafts, solve toy puzzles, and even play sports with other children. These activities allow a toddler to be more creative and imaginative and keep their mind engaged in the best way possible.

Experiencing New Things

At this age, your child will actively try to experience new things. They will be curious and try to touch and feel everything. One of the best ways to make the most of their curiosity is by enrolling them in a daycare center, where they’ll constantly experience new things. One day it will be a new toy, and the other, they’ll learn a fun dance routine.

While attending daycare in Katy, your child will make many friends and learn concepts they can never learn at home.

At Centerra Ranch Montessori School, our toddler program accommodates children from 12-24 months, where they learn in a structured and supportive environment.

In addition, our toddler daycare in Katy, TX, teaches toddlers reading, arts, Math, phonetic sounds, social skills, music, and Spanish. Reach out and enroll your toddler in our childcare in Katy today!

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