A Guide To Being A Montessori Parent

Montessori parenting draws from the studies and ideas of Maria Montessori, who advocated a relaxed parenting approach.

It highlights the importance of leaving the toddlers to play freely and refraining from punishment if they’re naughty.

The primary purpose of Montessori parenting is to focus on the children’s need to learn through play.

The Centerra Ranch Montessori School is a firm believer in Montessori parenting. It helps children learn the importance of establishing routines, become self-motivated and independent, and tap into their creativity to find solutions for real-life problems.

Most parents aren’t sure how to enforce Montessori parenting strategies – if you think you could use a little help, here are a few tips to help you become a better Montessori parent.

Foster Your Child’s Freedom And Independence

Parents care deeply for their children – which makes it hard for them to watch the kids struggle. This is where their tendency to intervene kicks in.

While helping your child may come to you as an instinct, you should know that it isn’t always helpful in a child’s learning process and self-confidence.

Simple tasks like letting the toddler put on their own clothes and tie their own shoes will allow them to learn, grow, develop fine motor skills, and hone their decision-making skills.

Use Encouragement Instead Of Rewards

Offering your child a trade-off if they complete a task may be tempting, but it only has a short-term effect.

When you use external rewards to motivate your child’s actions, the child thinks that there’s no intrinsic value to it. Hence, the only reason they do anything is because of the reward.

Try to use encouragement instead of rewards – to drive home the idea that an activity has a value of its own. Comments like “you worked so hard on this” or “you did this all by yourself” also work as rewards that the child can appreciate and learn from.

Encourage Choice And Interest In Learning

Much like adults, children learn best when they engage in self-chosen activities.

If you want to introduce a few skills to your child through an activity, make sure that it’s interesting to them. Otherwise, their reluctance will simply render the whole exercise futile.

While it’s okay to introduce your children to new things, you shouldn’t hesitate to stop the activity if the child gets too frustrated and wants it to end.

If you wish that your child continues to thrive in a positive learning environment through the Montessori Method, get in touch with us Centerra Ranch Montessori School.

We’re an award-winning Montessori school in Katy, TX, that is known for helping its students balance their academic, physical, and social and emotional development.

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