4 Ways to Help Increase Your Childs Concentration Level

Many parents get annoyed with their child’s inability to complete homework and other responsibilities on time. Almost 40% of children demonstrate attention and concentration issues by the age of four which causes anxiety among preschool and parents teachers. There are numerous things that you can do to assist your child in achieving more attention and achievement in both academic areas and extra-curricular activities. Above everything else, to support your child’s healthy growth, you should always be cheerful and encouraging towards their efforts.

Dividing Tasks

A particular task that may appear simple can become difficult for a child to carry out due to the size. A page of practice questions or simply sitting down and reading can appear monotonous and time-consuming. Due to this, children lose attention and give up halfway through. If possible, break the task down into smaller parts to avoid this from happening. This can assist your Montessori school child in completing their tasks efficiently.

For example, instead of doing a whole page, ask them to solve two or three questions at a time and develop the set in pieces rather than tackling them at once. This will help them quickly digest the work at hand and will allow them to take small breaks in between. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more focused and motivated your toddler becomes.

Remove Gadgets

Tablets and phones are continuously presenting stimuli in this modern era, from videos of your favorite Youtuber to game updates. These devices must be turned off and hidden from view so that your child can focus entirely on the task at hand. Merely the sight or presence of their gadgets while studying can divert their attention and give a tempting diversion from their responsibilities. Set strict guidelines about technology use during work time by asking your child to put their gadget in a separate room while they work, or keep the device until the task at hand is completed.

Focus Games

There are several enjoyable old-fashioned games that you may try to increase your child’s concentration in addition to the standard methods. Many Montessori schools include these mental exercises into their curriculum to help students increase their focus and mental fitness. Puzzles, Sudoku, card games, and crosswords like “Uno” and “Memory” are just a few of the beneficial focusing activities that your children can easily learn.  

Reduce Distractions

At times children have a hard time filtering out background sounds. As a result, provide the ideal environment for your child to concentrate. If your kid is studying, don’t interrupt them or turn on the TV while they’re trying to work. Set a good example as an authority figure and read a book or do tasks silently while your child is studying. This will motivate them to improve their work.

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