4 Things Parents Can Do to Help Children with Learning Disabilities

According to research, around 10 percent of children worldwide have some sort of learning disability. These include Dyslexia, non-verbal learning disabilities, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia. Children with learning disabilities often take more time to grasp a concept than their peers, but this doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t enter the academic world.

Here are some steps parents can take to help children with learning disabilities.

Allow Them to Express Negative Emotions

It’s natural for children with learning disabilities to be frustrated when they can’t learn a concept as fast as others. They might get angry due to this, which is understandable. These are a lot of negative emotions for a young child, and parents should help them process these feelings.

Allow them to express negative emotions in a safe environment. Tell them that it’s okay to feel frustrated, sad, or angry, and reassure them as much as possible. Have healthy communications, where your child can express themselves, and instead of stopping them, listen and understand.

Make Time for Their Favorite Hobbies

Children with learning disabilities might not prefer doing lots of academic homework, but most love doing arts, playing sports, or even singing. Even though academic work can be consuming, ensure that your child has a time set every day for their preferred activity.

Doing their favorite activity every day will help your child feel more capable, skilled, and confident. Moreover, their favorite hobby will make them happier than school work.

Praise Effort Instead of the Result

Children with learning disabilities have to work extra hard to get the same outcome as their peers, but this doesn’t mean their efforts matter less. Since they’re doing their best, parents should praise their effort instead of the result. Even if your child doesn’t score well on a test, tell them that you appreciate the effort they put in for the test.

Choose an Educational Institution with a Supportive Environment

Your child’s educational institution plays a considerable role in their learning, especially for children with disabilities. Parents should pick a preschool or Montessori with friendly teachers to start their kid’s academic journey.

An educational institution where teachers adapt to the needs of a child with learning disabilities makes a huge difference. At Centerra Ranch Montessori School, we pride ourselves on being one of the best Montessori Preschools in Katy, TX.

Our teachers have created a friendly, home-like, and supportive environment in our preschool in Katy. Reach out to us and discuss your child’s needs before enrolling them in our Montessori in Katy, TX.

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