3 Reasons Why Preschool Teachers Must Have a Cordial Relationship with Parents

Amongst the different aspects that contribute to a child’s education and development, one prevails; parental involvement. It plays a significant part in a child’s academic and professional success.

Research suggests parental involvement in a child’s early education can impact a child’s academic accomplishment and overall development throughout their lives. There are numerous ways through which parents can get involved with their child’s learning. A simple and productive way would be by establishing a cordial understanding with their child’s preschool teachers.

Parents and teachers influence a child drastically. Partnering with each other can bring significant change in a child’s progress. Let’s take a deeper dive into how a cordial relationship with your child’s preschool teacher can help them. 

Parents Are Aware of Their Child’s Growth

Most parents can find it challenging to participate in their child’s education and keep a check on their regular progress. However, if parents have a cordial relationship with their child’s teachers, they can get familiar with their child’s growth. Furthermore, an established parent-teacher rapport can give parents a better understanding of where their child stands in preschool.

Open parent-teacher communication allows them to express their concerns regarding their child. Furthermore, they both can target these concerns as a team—leading to better progress.

Parents and Teachers Can Assess a Child’s Weaknesses Together

Every child in preschool requires different and undivided nurture to grow and progress. Some children can struggle in preschool and often need more assistance.  A cordial parent-teacher relationship will ensure a child’s weaknesses are improved.

Furthermore, they can work mutually to turn these weaknesses into strengths. Preschool is one of the essential years for a child’s education. Therefore, it’s imperative to nip these weaknesses in the bud. It might be slow and gradual progress. However, a dual nurture and support approach can help a child grow academically and personally.

Parents and Teachers Can Unlock a Child’s True Potential Together

Preschoolers are too young to understand their true potential. However, as parents and teachers, we can see right through their strengths. All children need is a nudge in the right path to unlock that potential.

 Parents and teachers can coordinate and work mutually to help children discover and harness their potential.

Children who attend good infant care and Montessori preschool acquire a quality platform to kick start their academic and personal development. However, that doesn’t deny the importance of a cordial parent-teacher relationship in a child’s educational progress.

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