3 Key Elements Of A Montessori Education

The renowned American Golden States Warrior baseball player, Stephen Curry, gave credit to his Montessori education for giving him confidence from an early age. Montessori education provides the best environment for a child to harness their strengths while improving their weaknesses.  

Today, we’ll look at four key elements of a Montessori education that allow children to cultivate their talents and develop the life skills they need to become independent, capable individuals.


In a Montessori preschool, children should be encouraged to be independent and take responsibility for their own learning. Children are inquisitive by nature; Montessori school teachers just need to give them a safe and secure environment so they can freely explore and investigate their interests.

A Montessori school also needs to provide children with appropriate learning material and sensory toys to stimulate development and enhance cognitive intelligence.

Maria Montessori wanted her method to revolve around a child’s innate desire to learn about the world around them. She suggested that children should not be given any homework during Montessori education and warned against using a reward-based system.


In a Montessori education system, the classroom should make the children the focus of attention and instruction.

Child-centered classrooms help young ones learn more quickly and effectively as they have the freedom to make choices that suit them. For example, a child should be free to sit anywhere they want in the classroom, whether on the carpeted floor or the table, as long as they don’t disturb anyone.

Similarly, some children work better in group settings. In contrast, others work better alone, so each classroom should contain didactic material that the child can use alone or with peers.

In this way, Montessori education provides children with the space and time they need to learn at their own pace and utilize their strengths instead of relying on teachers’ help.

Structured environment

Children work better in environments that are calm and peaceful. Such an atmosphere inspires them to focus on work without any outside interruptions.

In a Montessori classroom, children should be given clear instructions on how to complete a task, including how to put the materials back in place for another student.

The environment also needs to be open for children to be healthy and productive. Hence, some time should be spent outdoors, interacting with nature and doing activities such as gardening or playing with live animals.

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